Friday, August 23, 2019

It's Fri-YAY!

Happy Friday!   We made it through another week!
Time passes so fast as an adult.  It is because we are constantly busy?!

On Monday, I worked in a small county resource center.  It did not act like a small county that day though, it was super busy.  I was afraid I wouldn't get everything that I needed to do done.  I did get a little time in the afternoon to finish all the things though.  That night, we made homemade pizza and I had a get together with one of my teams for a couple of hours.  It was a good night. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were normal work days.  I ran practices both of those nights, but for two different leagues.  I did a lot of repeat things, but no one was at both practices, so  I was good. 

Thursday was Alli's back to school night.  We met her teachers.  Her chem teacher and I were in the same program at UMKC and graduated together, so that is a neat little connection.  Alli bought a T-shirt for the closing of Swartz Field that will occur later this year.  We picked up scholarship information, so we can start looking into those things.  I wanted to pick up a Foundation Pass.  This gets me into all the home games for the year for free.  I rather pay one fee, than how ever many games I end up attending fees.  I got the form for it since the person who does the stuff was gone that evening.

Friday is going to be my free day!  We have nothing to do tonight, so I plan on making enchiladas for dinner.

Saturday is hella busy.  Too busy, but you gotta get things done.  Sunday isn't as busy, just a few hours of travel.

How's your week going?  Any exciting plans for the weekend?
One of our clients dropped this off.  In an envelope with a zip tie.  Please tell me why the zip tie is needed for a drop box item. 
Alli at Back to School night.  She loves her art class.  They are doing some pretty cool things. 
Alli doing her homework while eating her left overs.  She went out with her grandma for dinner, then after back to school night, she wanted to finish her burger.  Buster also wanted to finish her burger. 
My newest read.  It's not anything popular or new, but I enjoy it because it's light hearted and fun
I tried a foot mask this time. 
This one smelled really good. 
You put it on and let it dry.  It stays on your feet over night. 
It Fri-YAY! and I'm happy to be working in the back office. 
My shirt and shoes match!   I'm such a dork!


  1. Happy Friday! Sounds like your week was busy like mine, and I'm happy for breathing room today. Zip tie seems like a bit of overkill?
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Busy busy lives of moms! Sports are starting next week so I need to enjoy the last of the summer vibes. kids are about to enter week 3 of school i think!

  3. A foot mask sounds cool. We have back to school night this week!

  4. The picture of Buster begging is so adorable. And funny! Lol
    That’s an interesting “envelope” that zip tie. LOL

    Hope you had a good week hun. :)