Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Happy Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday friends!  This week has flown by!  Sometimes, I wish days would just slow down!
Over the weekend, I started painting in my house.  I had someone recently make a comment stating it looked like I just moved in.  The neutral paint on the walls and nothing on the walls.  The paint I decided on for the walls is called Evaporation.  The door paint is Allure.  I have still not decided on a trim color.  I have small chalkboards that I am going to decorate each bedroom door with. 
I've started on the front room.  I have two of the three walls that need to be painted done. 
I have only a day and a half left of work.  I am leaving early Friday to go on a float trip with some friends.  I rented a Kayak and I'm super excited about it.  I haven't kayak'd in over a year.  Excited for camping and floating!
Peyton's back to school night is on Thursday.  I've already ordered my PTA membership and T-shirt, so I don't need to worry about it tomorrow night.  I've paid the lunch accounts, so they are set to go on the first day.  Online registration was completed the first day it was available.  We just need to go to the school, get his schedule and meet his teachers.
I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off next week.  I am going to get caught up on house things, get the kiddos off to school and relax.  I'm excited for my mini-vaca.  Monday, I'm taking the kids back to school shopping for a few outfits and their minimal supplies that the need.  Having children in Middle School and High School is a dream for school supply shopping.  We have a ton of things left from last year, so I'm pretty sure all I need to buy is Kleenex, hand sanitizer and a binder for both of them.  I think Alli needs a backpack.  I'll have to confirm with her.  We have pencils, pens, paper and notebooks already. 

My bathroom door is smaller than the rest of the doors.  I never realized that until I started painting.  There are four doors in the small hallway.  Three bedroom doors and one bathroom.  The door not pictured, is our extra bedroom door.
Starting the front room.  I don't think I got any completed pictures.  I'll have to snap some tonight. Oh, and my air register at the top was closed!  I always wondered why the front room was a little warmer than the rest of the rooms!
 Buster is a super helpful painting buddy.  He is really good at stepping in the paint.  Thank goodness it's not difficult to get off the floor.  I love his sweet face.  He's a good doggo.
Best friend, Maggie!  Always my cuddle buddy! 
After our six mile hike on Sunday! 

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  1. We have a lot of beige walls like that in our house too. We are right now painting Gabbie's room from bright pink to grey. It is taking awhile because we aren't doing too much at once!