Friday, October 25, 2019


It’s Fri-YAY!  How was everyone’s week?  I hope it was a good one!
We’ve started to get the chilly temps in Kansas City!  I’m enjoying it for the most part. 
I haven’t even gotten to post of our fun from last weekend!  I did post the Corn Maze pictures, but we also went to Night of the Living Farm and a Dia de Los Muertos celebration.  It was such a fun family weekend.  I, also, did a skating clinic with Gal of Fray.  She was the 2018 Champs MVP Blocker!  I learned a lot of new moves from her. 
This weekend is a little more laid back.  Alli is cheering at an away game tonight, Peyton is attending a school dance and the kiddos are going to their dads.  I think.  Sometimes, they decide to stay home.  On Saturday, I plan to attend a chili cook off.  One of my friends that is going to be there is having a birthday next week and I’m going to bring her a little gift and card.  On Sunday, I have practice and a movie/craft night (Hocus Pocus!)
Hopefully, I can get my dryer fixed (I need to take the back off, I think it’s either clogged or the belt broke, it’s still heating up, just not tumbling).  I’ve been washing clothes at home, then taking them to the laundry mat and using the huge dryer and sticking them all in one at time.  The upside is it only takes 30 minutes for all my clothes/towels/sheets to dry!  The downside is that I have to haul everything elsewhere. 
I had my yearly review this week.  It was glowing.  I recently had a big punch in the face on a project I did.  I was told everything was done perfectly, the write up was perfect and everything was good for nine months and then I presented it to a few higher ups, one of them just ripped me apart.  I am so glad we were on a conference call and no one else was in the room.  I’ve redone (reworded, not actually changed anything other than words) the entire project and I am going to present it next Wednesday in St. Louis to executive leadership.  Wish me luck.  The same person who ripped it apart will be there again, but my manager will be there as well as her manager.  They have a better understanding of the project.  J
There were some difficult things that happened in the derbyverse this week.  I feel like the leadership team (me and four others) handled it swiftly and made it v. transparent.  It's not a positive, but how we dealt with it is.
Alli and I made Mexican Street Corn yesterday, it was so good!  I'll post what we did with pictures soon!

Next week, I am traveling for work, so I'll have a some time in the evening to get caught up on things.
I hope everyone has an outstanding weekend!! 

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