Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Happy Wednesday -- Liberty Corn Maze

Happy Wednesday, friends!  How is your week going?

I had so much fun this past weekend! (It feels like forever a go now!)

On Friday, Alli and I went to the Liberty Corn Maze .  I tried to get both of the boys to go with us, but they wouldn't. :( 
My original plan had to been to go out to Gary's Berries.  I started researching prices.  I thought it was $15.95 per person (online with fees) to do all the things out there.  Upon further inspection, it would have been $23.95 per person for the Fall Festival and Trail of Lights.  It is also an hour drive there.  I'm not cheap, but the price hike for one additional thing is a little much.
We went to Liberty Corn Maze, where it cost me $24 for both of us! (and only a 30 minute drive)
The Jesse James Maze is what it currently is.  We decided on the red path.  It was 3.2 miles, but we walked a lot more than that.  We missed two of the check points, but found all the others.  We got stuck in the wagon wheel area for about a half an hour!  It's a hard maze, but so much fun.
It ended up taking around an hour and a half all together.
My Iphone 11 takes amazing pictures in the dark.
Alli and I had both watched "In the Tall Grass" recently on Netflix. 
We made references to it the entire time.

This was taken in the dark of night.  The night vision is amazing on the camera.
Below is what it looked like without the night vision and only the flash. 

Look at all those stars!!  
I cannot believe my phone camera picked up stars! 

Stuck in the middle of the maze.
Don't mind my make up free face.
I'm super pale! 

Look!  All the stars!
I'm still amazed. 
We made it out!
Alli wanted a picture as a cow!

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  1. I think we've been to that corn maze or at least the pumpkin patch near it! The iphone 11 takes amazing photos! Too bad I just got the XR!