Friday, October 4, 2019

It's Friday!!

It's Friday!  My favorite. 
It's been a good week.
Tonight, Alli is cheering with the Lil Leaders.  She is super excited.  I know I have to get there extra early to get a seat.  It's finally cooled down, so I can bring my stadium blanket!
I had the pleasure of working in a smaller office on Thursday.  It really, truly is a pleasure.  The day was slow in the morning.  After lunch, I was busy because all of the phones and internet went down in neighboring counties, so everyone came to visit me.  But I made it through!  It also wasn't a million degrees, so I was able to walk downtown and to this little bakery.

Peyton had some good baseball games this week. 

I tried a new toothpaste.  It is one of the charcoal ones.  Let me tell ya, it does turn your mouth black, but it tastes decent and I hope to see the whitening effects it claims..
My headlight is fixed!  I'm allowed to drive at night now :)
This is my face after fixing it.  I had no idea it was all over my face until I went in to wash my hands.
I sold a $2000 sponsorship for derby.  I get to keep 25% of that.  Not shabby for a little amount of work.
I've done well completing the Photo A Day challenge on Instagram.  Are we friends over in Insta-land?  If not, let's be!

Aren't my kiddos the cutest?
Fred chilling on the couch when I came in after work.
Morning Glory in the evening.
How was your week?  What do you have planned for the weekend?


  1. You're family is darling, Morgan! I love your name, btw. It sounds like a character on a soap opera!!