Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Turn off the Lights!

Y'all, it was cold on Friday in Kansas City.  
Friday was the last football game at the current field.
It was also homecoming night.
Alli had to be there at 5:30 pm.  I went ahead and just stayed because the amount of people they were expecting was large.  When we got there at 5:30, there were already a lot of people in the stands.
I got parking up close, which was good. We didn't have to deal with the shuttle bus.  They had four of them running between the field, rec center and the middle school, so they were efficient.  
I brought two blankets, had my heavy jacket on (the lady sitting next to me had the same jacket!) and gloves.  I was okay at keeping warm until I got up to get nachos and a Gatorade for Alli.
The cheer team performed a dance with the drill team and it was adorable. I have a video of it.
Our team made two touchdowns!  Yay!  The most all season.
During the first quarter though, the other team scored 40 points.  Yeah.
I think in the second half, they put in their Freshman and JV squads, so it gave our team a fighting chance and I am hoping it was to be kind since this was the last game on the field and homecoming.
Alli before the game.  She borrowed my blanket. 
Hanging up the posters. 
Me, being cold.  Does anyone else have problems with their lipsticks?  Mine always wears off in the center and it looks like I only have lip liner on.  Which I don't put lip liner on. 
Alli cheering.  They let them put on their pants and jackets. 

This was a pic after the game and after they turned out the lights. The night vision on my phone is amazing.  And you know all those memes about football players watching the band.  Look here!  It's the first time they have been able to watch them all season and they were all out there supporting. 
Parade the next morning!  It was so much warmer!
What memories do you have of homecoming?

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