Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Currently (7)

It's the first Wednesday of the month and the means it's Currently time.  My all-time favorite link up hosted by Anne In Residence.

Wanna join?  Check out her blog and post your link.

The prompts this month: cooking, photographing, sharing, trying, wondering



Turned out so good!  We had mashed potatoes with it!

And while I was looking through the cookbooks, I found this. <3



I'm going to be sharing more blog posts this month!  I've been sharing books with my mom and friends.  I've been letting the dog sleep on my bed, so I guess that is sharing my bed.  Haha.  


I'm going to try to do both of these Instagram photo challenges.


Just how this year is going to end up!  When the library will reopen again! (Curbside service is closed again for a few weeks because a librarian tested positive for the COVID) 

How everyone is doing?


  1. The bookish ladies club is my favorite!

  2. I love that you found a little note from your son.

  3. TWO Instagram challenges - that is ambitious! I tried one last month - and whoa it is hard to stick with it all day.every day for a whole month! That looks like one spoiled pitbull....and I have such a soft spot for spoiled pitbulls!!:)

  4. Having your library RE-close is like taking candy from a baby! So glad you have people to swap books with, at least. And that sweet note from your son! Oh, my heart! (I love tucking things like that in places where I'll come upon them 'accidentally' down the road. Just. so. sweet.

  5. Aww I love that you found that note! I have been photographing the same things - my son and my animals. Lol. Stay safe!

  6. Nice, and what a sweet find in the cookbook :).
    I think we're all "wondering" the same thing regarding the year wrap-up!

  7. I need to try to get in on this linkup next month - and it probably wouldn't hurt to join some Insta challenges as well.

    What a sweet son you have! I still have a ton of stuff my sons did for me when they were younger. Now? We just spend time together and share experiences and exchange gifts. But the art and letters and cards from when they are just babes is so wonderful.


  8. Aww, bummer about the sick librarian - we have been making use of our library's curbside pickup for sure. Nice to finally have new reading materials for my kid especially, after so long. And that jambalaya sounds so good!

  9. Ooh sorry about the library curbside closing again. I hope they can get it going again - better than nothing!! :-)


  10. Aww how sweet is that note from your kiddo!? And jambalaya sounds so good! I was going to try to do that photo challenge too but I haven't gotten on the ball enough to do it!