Thursday, July 30, 2020

Monthly Musings

I'm going to try out a new link up today called Monthly Musings!  The topic this month is vacations!  I love travel and vacations, so this is perfect!

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1.  Top Five Items You Pack When Headed on Vacation
  • Sunscreen!  Even to cold destinations.  Vacation sun seems to be brutal
  • Pillow and a blanket!
  • Camera!
  • Cooler full of snacks and drinks!
  • My favorite traveling shoes (whatever they may be at the moment)
2.   Packing Cubes?  Yes or No?

    I don't even know what packing cubes are!   I do take a laundry basket with us if we are traveling by car, that way we can stick dirty items in there and it makes it so much easier when we get home.

3.  Do you prefer warm or cold destinations?

    Both!  We've done summers in Alaska and Florida!  We are all over the place!

4.  Favorite Vacation Location of All Time?

    So many!  I love Destin, Seattle, Alaska, all the National and State Parks!  Cities to visit!  Love them all!

5.  What are your Staycation tips?

    I don't have any!  We are doing short trips to outside destinations!  I'm saving up my vacation time. (I have so much!) for when we can do things!

6.  Camping?  or Glamping? or No?

CAMPING!  Love it!  But I also love hotel vacationing!

7.  How many states have you been to?

31 states and 4 countries!  I am hoping to add more states and countries soon!

8.  Have you traveled by RV?

Yes!  My grandparents took us on lots of RV adventures growing up!  

9.  Most Random Place you have ever been to?

Weldon Springs, MO -- I always find weird, random places and want to go check them out.  I might write about it sometime, or maybe I already have.

10.  What is the first place you traveling when the Pandemic is over?

Hopefully, Disneyland!  Since I've already paid for the trip and the plane tickets!!  I love Disneyland so much!


  1. I am so jealous of all of the states you have visited-can't wait to catch up! May take me several years ;) Thanks for linking up Morgan!

  2. So cool that you're planning on Disneyland! That is so smart to put a laundry basket in the car. We just put plastic bags in everyone's suitcases and they put their laundry in them!

  3. How fun! You've gotten around. Where was the photo between 4 and 5 taken? Looks amazing! We're getting ready for a little in-state trip over a few days. Gotta go find out what packing cubes are!

    1. That is the Badlands National Park! I want to go back and stay longer! We only did one night and we camped. It was so amazing. Bison wander into the campground in the morning.

  4. Love your top 5 packing tips and hope you get in the trip to Disneyland. It's such a fun place!

  5. I love the idea of having a laundry basket in the car for road trips. That is BRILLIANT!!!

    And I hope your Disney trip happens.

  6. I hope your Disney trip works out for you!!

  7. I love that you pick random places! Thanks for linking up with Holly and me. We are so happy you could join us.