Monday, July 20, 2020

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

It's rainy and stormy around here this morning, but it's a nice change of pace from the hot and humid (even though we will pay for it later)

I had a decent weekend and even the past week wasn't bad.

Peyton went camping in Minnesota for a week.  He LOVES it!  The camp right next to a lake. He text me at 1 am on Saturday morning and said he broke his phone and they had a tornado pass by close to the campground.  They slept in the shelter that night.  He decided he loves my camping sleeping bag and it will be his from now on. :)  He did so much swimming, paddleboarding and tubing.

I completely cleaned out and redid his room.  He didn't want me to paint it, but I did put up new curtains, clean everything out of his closet, put a new bedspread on for his bed and cleaned his dresser out.  I did this over like four days, so I'm not very quick.

Alli had to work three days of the week.  (and the weekend, of course).  We started redoing her room too.  We rearranged everything, took her old bed apart and when P got home on Sunday, he helped me put her new bed together.  Once we get it painted, I'll post of a pic of everything.  I ordered her curtains and a bed skirt from Amazon, so it should be here in the next week.

I finished up two books, one hardback and one audio.  I have two I'm currently reading right now.  I hope to have them finished by the end of this week.  

One of my family members is here from Washington.  She's staying with my mom.  We had lunch over there on Sunday before Alli had to work.  Street Tacos are always my favorite.  I enjoy visiting with my family.  It's so small.

Oh!  And she helped me figure out what Buster is mixed with.  He is Australian Cattle Dog, which we knew, and Llewellyn Setter!  I googled pics and they are a perfect mix of him.  

Work has been same old, same old.  They pushed back our start date to August 17th now, with it possibly being pushed back to September 7th.  I like working from home, but I don't like the work as much.  I liked what we did before the whole COVID thing, but know it's not going back to that.

Schools have been pushed back to after Labor Day.  I have to remember to register the kids this week.  

What's been going on with everyone?
Kibben loves Peyton's new pillows

Baby Pitboo was tired.

These are my mom's new kittens!  They look so much alike
you would think they were twins.

Peyton arriving from camp!

Alli asked me to pick her up Chinese for dinner on Sunday.

Peyton helping me with her new bed.

I woke up and Buster and Kibben were sleeping like this next to me.

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  1. We are supposed to go to a lake in MN in a few weeks! Glad Peyton had fun.