Friday, July 10, 2020

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  

We've made it to the weekend!  No huge plans here.
Alli has to work then will be spending Saturday with her dad.
Peyton is getting ready for a camping trip.  He's going to have a blast.
I have a meal train meal to deliver on Saturday, so I'll make that during the day.
I'll probably do laundry.  
What do you have planned for the weekend?
Freddie said work is done for the day!

Alli had her follow up orthodontist appointment yesterday from getting her braces off last year.  Her teeth look good.  She's getting a new retainer, which we pick up next week.  While she was at her appointment, I ran to Target to pick up a few items.
After I picked her up, she wanted to go shopping, so we went to an open outlet mall.  She got herself a few things.  I mostly browsed and got my steps in.
On our way home, we dropped a few items off at our community giving table.  I had cleaned out one of my cupboards and knew we wouldn't be eating those items and they aren't expired.  

Now! Scrunchies are sold with mask!

Peyton's been riding his go-cart and doing things outside.  He seems to keep himself pretty occupied and I keep track of him on my phone, so I know where he is.  
I have a doctors appointment this afternoon, so another half day for me.  I don't feel like the medicine she gave me is helping me feel better.  It might be helping with my levels on some things, but I still can't lose weight and I don't feel like myself most days.  Maybe it's the COVID quarantine or whatever.  But I'm tired of not being able to lose weight no matter how much I work out or eat low carb.  Like something else has to be making my body unhappy.  I hardly sleep anymore either and if I do it's super interrupted.

Work has been kinda slow again lately.  We just get things done way quicker than before.  Our call center is also not as busy, I'm sure it's because they opened up a separate Food Stamp interview only line.

Alli and I got some delicious street tacos the other day.  I miss food trucks.

I've been watching a lot of TV/movies lately.  
I came across one of my childhood favorites that I used to watch with my Grandma.  Supermarket Sweep.  I always wanted to just run around a grocery store and throw everything that's expensive into my cart.
Tickets went on sale for my class reunion this fall.  I don't know if I want to go.  I mean, does it sound fun...not there anyone I want to catch up with....again, not really.  I will think on it.  Who knows, it might be fun?!

How was the rest of your week?!

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  1. I've noticed masked being available in "regular" stores now - not just from Etsy and such.
    I hope your meds adjustment works and you feel better soon.
    I've had a dental consult and now I'm rearranging my home office space a bit. woohoo...