Thursday, September 10, 2020

10 on the 10th: Questions about School Starting

What does back to school look like in your home or community this year?
Whew!  One of my children is doing hybrid school and one of them is doing remote learning.
Hybrid school started yesterday and he did remote today.  That was fun.
Complete remote learning started today.
It's going to be an adventure.  
Does your state or city offer a back to school tax free weekend?  If so, do you plan your back to school shopping around it?  What kinds of things do you buy? 
I know the state next to us does.  I am not sure if Kansas does.  I don't pay attention.  Haha.  
Do your children wear school uniforms?  If so, what do they look like?  If not, is there a strict dress code in place?  What are your thoughts 
on school uniforms?  Did you wear a uniform? 
My kids do not wear uniforms and there isn't a super strict dress code.  It's pretty normal.  School uniforms don't bother me either way.  I did not wear an uniform when I went to school.
What did you want to be when you were growing up?  Did you plan to go to college? 
I wanted to be a teacher.  I did plan to go to college and I be a teacher.  I am not a teacher. :)
What sports did you play, what clubs were you in?  Were you a cheerleader? 
I was on the swim team, in the community service club and environmental club.
Did you buy lunch or take lunch?  If you took lunch from home, who made your lunch?  What was your favorite school lunch? 
I bought lunch from school a majority of the time.  Occasionally, I would pack a lunch.  My favorite school lunch was the pizza.  Or chicken patty sandwiches.
To what group or click did you belong?  At my school we had the jocks, the parking lot gang, popular kids.  Where did you fit in?  Were you in a sorority?  If so, which one?
I didn't really fit in anywhere.  I just was a go with the flow, do my own thing kind of person.
Did you spend much time in the library?  What was your favorite class? 
Pretty much none.  I didn't like the school library.  It was brand new and I just didn't like it.  My favorite classes were science and social studies classes.  I took a lot of both. 
What are some of your favorite high school memories?  Homecoming?  Prom?  Have you returned for any class reunions?
I'm not sure.  I graduated early.  I didn't really care much about things.
I have not gone to my class reunions.  I have no interest in reunions with most of the humans I went to school with.  I am maybe in touch with 2-3  of them and I am okay with that.  I have no interest in hearing about the latest MLM from them.
How old were you when you started school?  Did you have a favorite teacher? 
I started preschool at four.  I can't recall a teacher really standing out and being my favorite.  I did like Mr. Poplau.  He wrote a book.


  1. Wishing you a successful and healthy school year!

  2. I'm with you on not fitting in anywhere! I'm still kind of like that. And same on reunions.

  3. I feel for the kids having to do hybrid or all online school, but some of them really like it.
    Had to laugh at your "I have no interest in hearing about the latest MLM from them." :D

  4. I think you and Dara and I would get along great. I don't fit in anywhere even today. Most of my teacher friends are still working. And I don't have anyone to hang with now that I am retired. I am an odd duck for sure.
    Hope Peyton gets to feeling better about school. My daughter sent me a photo of my granddaughter in tears, lying on the carpet in from of her laptop just so frustrated with virtual school.