Friday, September 18, 2020

Happy Fri-yay!

 Happy Fri-yay!  This week actually flew by!

Peyton had two days in school and three virtual days.  Alli is finally approaching tests in her online classes.  She has to get a few done before her DMV appointment today!  

Her birthday was on Tuesday.  She had online school and then went to dinner at her dad's house.  (since we had already done a big dinner here)

I started doing my Zumba:Strong videos again.  I wish I could take the in person class I paid for back in March.  I don't know if I should ask for a refund at this point.  I had also paid for a kickboxing class (5 sessions) and only got to go to one before the lock down.  

Work has been super busy, but it's boring.  Going through emails that people send can be draining.  A lot do not give identifying info (like they used to do on voicemails) or they complain they cannot get through to customer service.  I've also received a weird selfie (not a nude, thank goodness) and random things for other agencies.  We are again being a catch-all since other agencies cannot post their contact info.  Those items just go into the netherlands.  We get a lot of blank emails too.  I've figured out a glitch in the system and I don't think the PDS team is super happy with me that I discovered it before them.  They are talking with the program developers about it.

I had a Board Recruitment Committee meeting via Zoom.  That was interesting.  We ran out of time and didn't get through our whole agenda.

I signed up for two exchanges this month.  One if just a regular secret pal type one and the other is a book exchange.  I sent lots of pen pal letters.  I finally received one back!  I, honestly, was getting worried.  I didn't think I would get any back and I would have to start the search again.  I do need to get some more Kansas postcards so I can do some postcrossing.  

I watched the Challenger limited series on Netflix. Watch it.  It's so good.  I did get choked up a bit on the final two episodes.

Not much happening.  I am not sure what we are doing this weekend?  Anyone have any exciting plans?

Outside in my front yard Pinteresting.  My neighbors back yard is adjacent to my front yard.  That is all his plant overspill.

Perfect for Fall!

Draco splooting

Watching the Challenger

Who could resist a sleeping Fred Fred?

Peyton working on school with a little help from Fred and Buster.


  1. Hmmm, now I'm wondering about prepaid gym classes that never happened. Our governor "made" gyms stop charging monthly membership fees during the lockdown although we'd signed a year-long contract.
    I guess some people just have to selfie?
    Draco looks like he's purposely beefcake posing.

  2. You're the second person to mention the Challenger show!