Monday, September 28, 2020

Peyton's Birthday Weekend!

 Peyton's Birthday was over the weekend!  We celebrated with a late lunch with family.  He decided on a chicken alfredo, salad and bread.  There was also some chips and homemade salsa left over from the night before.

He got a Oreo Cookie Cake.  

All of our family (except Tanner because he's overseas) was there and it was nice.  Peyton wouldn't give an gift ideas, so he got money.  I still haven't gotten him anything, because as his mother I refuse to give him money.  He did see a few sweatshirts he wanted at a store, I will go back and get those for him. :)


  1. Happy Birthday to Peyton! Glad the whole fam got together to celebrate.
    As Mom, I don't like giving my kids birthday cash either even though they get hard to buy for the older they get.

    1. I feel like giving them money would be just an everyday thing and not really a present. He wants to go shopping this evening, I'll get him the sweatshirt and if he wants anything else, we will pick that up too!