Tuesday, September 1, 2020

September To Do List

 First a recap of August To Do:

-Go to the cat cafe
-Hike two trails  - ugh, no, and I really wanted to.
-Back to School Shopping -- starts after Labor Day this year.
-Apple Picking - a local orchard has confirmed their start date as August 1st. -- moving this to September because my daughter told me it made more sense. 
-Complete part of the puzzle book and pass it on to family members to do puzzles
-Send Tanner his monthly package  -- sending that out this week!
-Outdoor skating, at least, once per week  -- nope.  
-Make my Nanny's BBQ Sparerib recipe.  -- nope, moving to September.
-Stay on my budget -- no extra spending.  -- I did okay
-Make a meal plan and stick to it!  -- totally in the middle on this one.

Now to Septembers To Do:
  • Hike two trails
  • Apple Picking
  • Make Nanny's BBQ Spareribs
  • Start the 64 Easy
  • Outdoor Skating
  • Alli's bedroom painted, new curtains and bed skirt.
  • Go through closet and donate clothing I no longer wear.  Paint closet and set up new shelving.
  • Stick to Meal Planning
  • Finish and return all library books


  1. Replies
    1. If you are going to go to Cider Hill, they are doing it on an appointment basis now. The link is on their Facebook page and there are lots of openings!

  2. Love lists and goals- apple picking is on our September list too :)

  3. Happy start of a new month! I typically get goal oriented around this time of year - throwback to being a school kid, I think. You've motivated me to write some down.
    64 Easy - Science activities?

    1. It's to get me to do, at least, 20 minutes of exercise each day. I've been slacking because I'm not a good pandemic managing person or whatever.