Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Long Weekend!

Thank goodness for that long weekend!  I don't think I would have survived it without that extra day.
Peyton doesn't start school until Wednesday and Alli starts remote learning on Thursday.
From reading the community page, I feel sorry for a lot of these kids, their parents are highly confused on every single thing.  It's all written out in emails, in the online newsletter, Facebook announcements, text messages, and voice messages.  I don't know how they could communicate clearer.  I have my kids ducks in a row, so we will just keep on going forward.

On Friday, I started cleaning out my extra bedroom.  It has been used for storage for the past year.  I am going to turn it into an office/guest room (since it has a nice bed in there already).  I did a lot of work on it and still have so much more to do.  

On Saturday, I spent 12 hours helping my grandfather move from one facility to the other.  My car was loaded up with the kitchen stuff and my mom had all the bathroom stuff.  I unpacked all of that on my own and watched over my nieces as my sister and brother-in-law loaded all the furniture.  I sorted through boxes and set his TV/DVD player up, so he would have something to watch that evening.  (Direct TV is going to be set up today)

On Sunday, I went back over to the old apartment to help load the rest of the stuff and clean up a little.  We had some other business to take care of also and it didn't go as expected.  (I'm seriously going to write a novel on this whole thing, it gets more crazy by the day. Haha)
I was so exhausted and grumpy and hid it pretty well. :)

On Monday, Alli and I went to the Apple Orchard and the Sunflower field, with a stop at Sonic in between.  It was a good day.  After we got back, she headed over to a BBQ that her dad and Peyton were attending (only six people besides them and family), then she was off to work for the night.  I worked on my office for a while.  I've made some headway, but still so much to do.  We have boxes of DVDs.  What do people do with those?  Do they donate them?  I found some more books for the Little Free Library.

How was your long weekend?
Draco boy loves laying on me.  I tried to get him to look at the camera and this is what I got!
I think we were on hour seven of moving here.  lol.  My niece is sitting on top of me.

Apple Cider Slush!

These doughnuts were so fresh and delicious


  1. Mmm, apple cider slush. Yes, please.
    Lovely orchard and sunflower photos. Great memory making.
    We have moved my mom 3 times since COVID. It has been one nightmare after another. We haven't been allowed to go into her apartment except for the first move. So we have had to entrust everything to the maintenance men in the various facilities. And have stood outside the window coaching, directing, orchestrating. Now we can't find anything because someone else put it where they thought it made sense. And my almost blind 93 year old mother can't see to find anything. You are a blessing to your grandfather!!

  2. Sounds like a super productive weekend! Love Sunflower pics! Sunflowers are just the happiest flower. Make me smile every time I see one.

  3. I want to go to the apple orchard and the sunflower field too!