Sunday, April 2, 2017

B is for the Badlands

The Badlands National Park is where we will be camping one of the nights during our vacation.  I stumbled upon this amazingly badass park while searching for things to do in South Dakota.  I had heard of it before but didn't realize the beauty and unbelievable landscapes that would be upon us.  
I started my research by doing the most obvious thing...typing into Google "Things to do in South Dakota".  There are a lot of things to do in South Dakota.  I started reading blogs about others who had ventured into South Dakota awesomeness.  I read about families camping where bison roam into your campsite.  I love those large majestic creatures!  I've blogged about it before.
The Badlands National Park is operated by the National Parks Service.  I've already decided I am getting the annual pass.  It will save my family money in the long run by purchasing one pass instead of paying individual admission to the Badlands National Park, Devils Tower, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons.
On the NPS website for the Badlands, it mentions a Sage Creek Campground.  It's free.  It's first come, first serve.  If you get there early enough you can have a camping space with a picnic table.  It has clean vault toilets.  For free, that's pretty accommodating.  
I started reading peoples blogs and reviews about the campground.  They are all pretty amazing.  The only complaint seemed to be the wind and weather.  You can complain about the wind and the weather, but that's not in anyone's control. (Or is it? I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory or two)  You can not have an open campfire there, so cooking must be done on a camp stove or charcoal grill.  I have a camp stove that we will be able to utilize there.
The park contains Prairie Dog villages.  Those darn things are so hilarious and adorable.  But you must stay away from them because they literally carry the plague.
There is one hiking trail that I definitely want to hit up.  It is called the Notch Trail.  It's a moderate trail but does have a lovely ladder you must traverse.  The ladder looks interesting.  I love hiking.  
Image from Pinterest
They do have a Fossil Trail and a nice visitors center.
There is a restaurant that I've read sells Indian Tacos.  I'm sure exactly what those are but I'm sure it's not difficult to figure out. (I don't plan on hitting up this restaurant, I already have dinner in mind for that night)
I, even, read a few blogs about people staying in the backcountry in the Badlands and not seeing a single soul for the days they were camping.  That might be an option for me in the future.  I would love to hike the back country for a few days.

Have you ever been to the Badlands?  Tell me your stories!


  1. oooh, sounds like a cool place. I love nature- the peacefulness and the beauty. and that ladder looks fun.

    I am doing the A to Z on books I read before I started the blog: Something Horrid

    1. Ohhhhh!! I have a slight obsession with books. I am reading two right now: We are Unprepared and The Thousandth Floor. I have about 20 in my pile for after I am done with those.

  2. Sounds like an interesting place..thanks for sharing :) Launching SIM Organics

    *Menaka Bharathi*


  3. As a keen camper I found this particarly delightful. Rather a long way from the UK with my tent though!

    Today in Amble Bay!

  4. The Badlands conjures images of westerns for me, so that's cool to start with. I love a bit of hiking and getting close to nature!

    1. It certainly does have that type of vibe. South Dakota has little abandoned mining towns also, that's sort of old west like.

  5. The Badlands are so amazing...I look forward to a return visit. Enjoy!!

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