Monday, April 24, 2017

T is for Town....1880s Town that is....

You know my oldest is all excited about the Ghost Towns, he's just as excited for the 1880s Town.
This stop is located about 22 miles west of Murdo, SD.  This town offers a nice stop during our long drive through South Dakota.  People have described it as being in the middle of nowhere.

We will be hitting up this place a couple of days before Memorial Day weekend, so I am hoping it won't be too crowded.

Have you ever been here?  Tell me your stories of visiting replica old West towns!


  1. How fun! That would be awesome to visit! I hope you enjoy it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog today :)

  2. It's been so long since i was out west. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Morgan,

    The Ghost Town photo is dramatic and it makes me want to see it, too. I hope y'all have a blast. Be sure to take lots of pictures and then join me on not-so Wordless Wednesday to share your vacation pictures. It's a lot of fun! Thanks for visiting and have a great week a2zing. Our time is winding down!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    Art Sketching Through the Alphabet “T” (Treehouse)

  4. Those boom and bust towns are pretty wild, aren't they.

    Phillip | U is for Unexpected

  5. I've never been to anywhere like that but there are museums in the UK that collect old cottages from all over and basically rebuild them, so you can wander around them all. Great to soak up a bit of history!

  6. Here in Ballarat, Australia we have Sovereign Hill which is based around an old gold mine and buildings from the 1850s. They have different activities during the day so make sure you read up a little so you and your family don't miss out on something you really want to see. They are quite big to walk around. Visiting from A to Z T is for Talbot in 1869

    Anne Young

    Anne's family history