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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

::On my shelf:: “The Thousandth Floor”

::On my shelf:: “The Thousandth Floor”

“The Thousandth Floor” by Katharine McGee takes place in New York, one hundred years from now.  And it’s a book set in the future that is not a dystopian novel.  Wha?!  You mean, not everyone is predicting a future of dismal and despair? 
Now that I say that, the novel opens with a girl falling to her death from the Thousandth Floor.  We don’t know who the girl is and how she got into that situation.
The story revolves around five main characters.  After the dramatic opening, it goes back three months to give us a backstory that leads up to the events.
Avery is a GMO, she is genetically perfect, genes taken from both of her parents to be perfect.  She has a brother named Atlas.  He’s adopted.  That’s important.  She also lives on the Thousandth Floor.
Watt, he’s a genius and he has a computer in his head. He makes money using that computer and hacking things.  He expectantly meets a girl, a girl who uses him and then hurts him.
Rylin, she’s an orphan, raising her sister, fell into a job that helps her and fell in love with her boss who loves her.
Eris, she falls from the top to the near bottom when a family secret was discovered.  And then it gets worse.
Leda, her family moved up in life, but that doesn’t stop her drug problem.  Leda has dirt on everyone and wants to blackmail them and make their lives miserable.
The novel takes place in New York, in a skyscraper that nobody ever has to leave to live life.  They have everything within the building.  Parks, churches, movie theaters, stores, streets, street lights, cars, etc… you get the picture.  It’s a self-sustaining environment.  The higher you go up, the better the living.  The bottom floors are depressing and the slums.
When I finished the book, I didn’t realize that the book was a trilogy.  Thank goodness for that because I was going to be really upset if the book ended how it did.  No real conclusion or ending to it.
You will like some of the characters and you will hate and despise a few of them.
I don’t want to go into the plot because it will give things away.  But, I would love to talk to you if you have read it!

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