Tuesday, April 25, 2017

V is for Vacation

That's my whole theme here.  Vacation.  This is how my dumb brain works, I actually was having a hard time thinking of a V word.  So I looked up V words that pertained to vacations.  Guess what the first word was?

Other words on that list included: vehicle, video, video camera, visit and voyage.

Decent V words.....

Vacation.  I have a ton of vacation time.  It's because I'm always at work.  I'm not to the point of use it or lose it...yet.  After this vacation, I will still have over a week and a half of time left.

Working for the Government has its perks.  Like vacation time and a ton of paid holidays.  I like paid holidays.  Especially Truman Day.  Nobody else gets that day off.  It's coming up next month and I'm excited about that. 
On vacation, we will be traveling to nine states.  Two that I have never been to before.  One of those things that I want to accomplish before my last day of my thirty ninth year, is to visit all of the United States.  I want a cheesy vacation picture in front of every state sign (except Kansas and Missouri because that's every day)

I want to have fun and not worry about school, so in the thirty so odd days until vacation, I will finish all of my classes for the semester.

I want to write reviews for all the places we visit.  I actually love writing good reviews, even though I really love reading all the bad ones and the responses of the places.  Do you like writing reviews?  What websites do you utilize for making/reading reviews? 

I want to pack minimally and use resources wisely.  I/We don't need a lot of extra stuff.  Think of all those things you have packed and never thought of or used during your actual vacation.

I'm excited to use the drone and the go-pro to make some videos.  Even though  I suck at editing, but the only way to get better is to keep doing it and learning.  I mean, I didn't know even a simple code for my blog when I started and I know some stuffs now. 

The most important thing about vacation though is that I don't have to work for almost two  full weeks.  That's important, yo.


  1. Congrats on your oodles of vacation days!
    Will the cheesy Wisconsin pic have... actual cheese? ;)
    That could be a fun short story-- your journey to visit all the states. Sure, it's been done, but maybe you can find a twist. Like trying a new cheese in every state (ha ha ha).

    1. I love that idea! A theme for all the states I visit!

  2. Vacation is a wonderful choice for a letter V post. Oodles of vacation times sounds great.

    Stopping by form A to Z:V for Vagina

  3. I write reviews after trips. I have far more fun with bad ones. There's a sense of satisaction in getting your own back after having had a spoiled holiday! I use Tripadvisor. I'm a Senior Reviewer you know! I'm expecting good reviews of Amble Bay even if I have to write them myself.

    Lady Violet of Amble Manor

    Lady Violet of Amble Manor

    1. I like Trip Advisor. I've only written two reviews so I'm not even close to the Senior Reviewer level yet.

      I would write glowing and wonderful reviews for Amble Bay. Make it a main tourist town. I'll help you out with that.

  4. Vacation is my favorite time of year. One thing i've learned is that, if i forgot to pack it, i'm not going to outer Slobovia where they don't have a store. It's okay, i can get another whateveritis.

  5. Vacation....I had my first two-day vacation not too long ago after an almost two-year period with no vacations. I found out something I'd forgotten. I need a vacation after my vacation!! But, still, I'm planning a long weekend in May. It's worth it!

    Van Scyoc

  6. I had to laugh at your trouble coming up with a v-word :D.
    And really, I'm impressed how you've kept up with this word-a-day challenge!
    I like to write reviews. I would do trip advisor, but it's been so long since I've taken a real "trip". I look forward to hearing and seeing your vacation!

    1. I'm surprised I've keep up with it. Almost done, almost done. :)

  7. Lucky you.
    I am longing for a long vacation
    Have fun

    #apom A Peice of my life
    W for Wine