Thursday, April 13, 2017

K is for Keepsakes and Kindness

Keepsakes (Souvenirs) and Kindness
Every trip deserves a few dollars in the budget for Keepsakes.  I can tell you, I’m not a huge fan of souvenirs.   I think a majority of them are a waste of money and quite tacky. 
My daughter does like to get patches from places she visits.  I think that is a great idea.  She has a box full of patches from places we have visited.  We need to figure out what to do with them.

Sometimes I’ll get some cute shot glasses that will barely be used, from places I visit.
The boys just want food and candy.  Very rarely do they ask for anything from the gift shops.
Sometimes we get t-shirts.  I think in Yellowstone we will have to get some t-shirts.

What kind of keepsake/souvenirs do you like to get on trips?
Kindness is my second K word.  
We must be kind to those around us and the things around us.  I was trying to think of some kind things I can do for others on our trip. 
I plan on picking up a lot of donuts at Wall Drug to share with people that will be camping around us.  Everyone loves donuts.
At Crazy Horse, they are doing a food donation drive during the time we are going to be there.  I am going to get some food to donate while we are there.
I am going to give people the benefit of the doubt; that we are all here to be kind and visit a beautiful place.
What kind things do you do for people while on vacation?  How do you pay it forward?


  1. I actually don't like donuts! But if I'm hungry, sure, why not?! :)

    Sometimes I like bringing treats. I think a smile and a warm greeting is just the right way to turn around anybody's day for the better. I'm simple like that (most of the time).

    As for keepsakes, I'll grab anything. It could be the map we used to get from Point A to Point B. It might be a ticket stub to a boat ride or tour bus we joined, or a receipt from a place we visited. I try to collect them for my journal. Always fun to flip back and pore over memories.

  2. Over the years we've collected t-shirts (hubby has at least one from every state in the US, we had them turned into a quilt blanket), dip-dots from Harley dealers and when visiting all the national parks, we got the hiking stick medallions (our sticks are pretty well decorated with them).

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    DB McNicol, author & traveler
    Theme: Oh, the places we will go!

  3. This is the humbug in me. I don't collect any souvenirs if I can help it. I am downsizing my home and the stuff owns you. I won a basket of goodies. I opened it and passed it around for everyone to take one thing. A few gave me a funny look like I was nuts. All I could think was they were older than me. What did they need the extra clutter for.

  4. I agree that many keepsakes are tacky and not worth it. Personally, I collect postcards (I paper my office/craft room with them). I also pick up journals as keepsakes whenever I can, since as a write they're a practical item that I'll always hang on to.

    For kindness, I try to be the most agreeable and conscientious traveler I can be (especially in airports) so that I can improve the experience of everyone around me. I try especially hard to be kind and appreciative of the employees I interact with.

    I know I'm a little late stopping by on my A to Z tour (April was crazy!) but I'm glad I did.