Monday, April 3, 2017

I'm tired.  I should be sleeping.  It was a busy weekend.  I can't believe I have to go back to work in a couple of hours.  Hopefully, I'll get a few minutes of sleep.

Last week at work was pretty bad.  We were understaffed because other resource centers were understaffed and people were sent to work elsewhere.  I was the only one there all five days and for all the hours of the day.  We had a lot of non-English speakers and a few refugee families.  It was long.

Friday night, I was so exhausted I went to the store and bought popcorn, Twizzlers and spaghetti-Os and that's what I ate for dinner.  Pretty disgusting.  Seriously disgusting.  But somehow, it made me feel better.  When my seventeen year old got off of work, he brought me a raspberry Mountain Dew because it's his favorite and he wanted me to like it too.  It's pretty yummy.

Saturday morning started off early.  I went to the 8 am derby practice.  I love those practices.  They are pretty low key and you get the extra time on skates to get better.  

I have a friend who is starting her personal training business.  I volunteered as her guinea pig.  I went out to her space and did my initial consultation.  I found out that I have lost about 10% in body fat in the last year.  So that's something.  Not close to my ideal, but closer than before.  She is going to be sending me  workout plan for the week and I will go work out with her on Friday evening.

Saturday evening was a Kansas City Roller Warriors Game.  My team, the Victory Vixens, played first.  We put up one hell of fight but came up a bit short.  I did have a few personal victories though.  I forced two jammers to cut track.  Our team got the power jams off of them.  I was told I did a few other things well and got lots of cheers for it.  I had a bit of jamisa though and will have to review the video when it comes up.  Apparently, I blew a jammer approaching out of the water and they had to call the jam.  Yay!
We are adorbs!  For real.
I'm the one in the back.
Afterwards, I celebrated with a few drinks.  I was able to perform my bout duties while consuming those.  Nobody knew what I was drinking.  :)  I don't drink very much, so it doesn't take a lot for me to be in a better mood.

When I got home, the animals were so happy to see me.  I had to take an Instastory on it. Sunday morning when I watched it, I noticed something a bit odd.  Let me know if you notice it too.
I showed the video to my youngest.  When we got home after volleyball, he would not go inside by himself with the lights out.  Too funny.

Sunday morning, I got up fairly early and did all of my work for my evolution class.  I had a posting and project to do.  Thank goodness they were fairly easy.  They only took me about an hour and I had it uploaded and submitted to the class.

I went over to my moms house and my oldest son was already over there eating lunch.  I had lunch with her than we started putting together a bed she had purchased from IKEA for her spare bedroom.  We spent four hours on the thing and we still didn't finish it!  I had to leave to go to Alli's volleyball games.

For her volleyball games, I keep score.  I get the best seat in the house and I don't have to sit on the bleachers.  I get a chair.  And I can still cheer and take pictures.

Alli gets quite frustrated with her team.  Some of them just let the ball hit the ground.  They watch the ball hit the ground.  One girl in particular.  And it's not this girls first year or even second.  She's been playing a while. She started crying after the game when the coach told her she needed to put some pep in her step or would be sitting the next games.

So weekend, exhausting, but it was a good one.

Also, Happy Opening Day!  Winter is over!!  Still a few before the Royals home opener but we will make it.

Happy Wrestlemania Day!  We can't forget about that.  Nope.


  1. Omg, I'm exhausted just reading all of this, even if I don't fully understand all the derby jargon :). I couldn't get your video to play, I'll tray later 'cause I'm wondering what you saw!


      Hopefully, that link works. I tried to upload it directly to blogger, I'm sure I didn't do it right.

  2. That's a super busy day! I remember loving Spagettios as a kid, but now? Blech. I wish I had a trainer friend who needed a guinea pig.