Tuesday, April 25, 2017

U is for Ulimate Must See List for South Dakota

Here is my family's must see list for South Dakota!  We are ready to check off these things!
  • Falls Park in Sioux Falls
  • The Sculpture Walk
  • Sleeping Under the Stars
  • The 1880s Town
  • Badlands National Park
  • Cosmos Mystery Area
  • Hike Black Elk Peak
  • Wall Drug Donuts
  • Dinosaur Park
  • The Berlin Wall Exhibit
  • Wonder around downtown Rapid City
  • Panning for Gold
  • Mt. Roosevelt Hike
  • Dough Traders Pizza
  • DC Booth Fish Hatchery
  • Mount Rushmore (Kinda)
  • Crazy Horse Memorial
  • Rush Mountain Park
  • Caputa Alpacas
  • Scenic Ghost Town
  • Galena Ghost Town
  • Spokane Ghost Town
  • Eat German food in Hills City
  • Eat Indian Tacos
  • Concrete Outline of USS South Dakota
  • Six Ton Prairie Dog
  • Corn Palace
  • Homestake Mine and Make a Hole in One
  • Deadwood
  • St. Peters Rock Grotto
  • Lonely dinosaur along I-90
Is that enough for South Dakota or do we need to add more?  What are your "Bucket List" items? 


  1. Ooh, I love ghost towns and I see a lot on your list! The concrete outline of USS SD is intriguing....
    Lisa / Tales from the Love Shaque

  2. wall drug donuts? Dough Traders pizza? Crazy Horse Memorial? what odd names but somehow they sound good even though I have no idea what they're about. sleeping under the stars might be on my list except I really do not like sleeping outside.

    hope you and your family have fun doing these things.

    have a lovely day.

    p.s., thanks for your visit to my blog.

  3. We have checked some of these off already and were not disappointed. I would add a cave to the list. We toured Wind cave and enjoyed it.

    1. I did have Wind Cave on the list and then I remembered my oldest son really dislikes caves. I even asked him again to make sure. So I scratched that one off. Maybe another time we will go because I do like caves.

  4. There's a cowboy museum along I-90 that they advertise the heck out of (or at least there was one 30-some years ago), heading west from Sioux Falls.

    Wall Drug has.... DONUTS?

  5. Why only kinda for Mount Rushmore? From the other side of the world, Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, Mount Rushmore is very famous. I love Hitchcock and Mount Rushmore features in North by North West. Not sure how old your children are but maybe they would enjoy watching in preparation for the trip.

    Visiting from A to Z
    U is for Unibic biscuit tin

    Anne Young

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