Wednesday, April 4, 2018

#atozchallenge : D is for Dictionary Definition

Dictionary definitions:  what words actually mean, not the slang terms we sometimes associate with them.  I am going to go with the obvious and find words that start with D.  These are not common words that you would hear in every day conversation.    One of them you hear often in literature and movies though. 
Demisang – half-breed, hybrid.
I have strong feelings on the hybridization of some animal species.  Especially large cats.  Liger and Tigons should not be a thing.  Sure, they are big, majestic, HYBRID animals and they are quite beautiful, but because they are hybrids, it makes it hard for them to live a healthy life.  The Liger was made popular by Napoleon Dynamite.  It’s like his favorite animal of all times.  Lions and Tigers would not breed in the great wild kingdom.  They do not even populate the same continent, expect for a small part where Asia and Africa intersect, but in the wild, they want nothing to do with each other.  In an artificial environment, they are shoved together in a cage and after a long while they warm up to each other and reproduce because they do not have a choice.  This is why I strongly discourage people from going to places that have “interaction with Ligers kittens that you pay a lot of money for”.  If you do want to visit a liger, visit a sanctuary, such as Turpentine  Creek Wildlife Refuge, where they will educate you on the hybridization of animals and how this effects the animals entire life and how wild animals are not to be hybridized for human entertainment.    If you want more info on hybridization of big cats and the lesson plans I’ve created for it, please drop me an email.  I’m happy to send it to you.   Hybridization is not all terrible, just in the felidae family.

Steps off soapbox.
Demonarchy – government by a demon
What?!?  This is even a word?!  I can’t even find the history of this word.  Was there once a government in some far away land that was once ruled by a demon or does it hit closer to home?  What would this land be called?  What if the people of this government didn’t believe in demons?  Would the government even exist for those fair pieons?
Depascent – Feeding, eating, consuming
Just another word for eating….even though it has a morbid tone to it. 
Diprotodon – gigantic prehistoric marsupial. 
Dontopedalogy – the art of putting one’s foot in one’s mouth
Is this literally or figuratively?   I’m going with figuratively unless you know someone with an incredible bendy back that we can give this talent to.  So, if you say embarrassing  and inappropriate things all the time, you have a degree in dontopedalogy. 
Dystopia –a place where all is as bad as it can possibly be.
A lot of young adult novels focus on a dystopian world.  They are all different and have a struggle to how the world reached a dystopian state.  What are some of your favorite dystopian novels?  Comment below, I love discovering new books and authors. 

What are some of your unusual D words that you try to mix into conversation?  I’m going to try to use demonarchy and see if anyone catches on.  I mean, they might think I’m pronouncing democracy wrong or I’m making a joke.


  1. Morgan,

    I think I have earned a degree in 'Dontopedalogy' or it's just hereditary. Whichever it is, I have an art for putting my foot in my mouth, figuratively-speaking. I'm definitely not bendy enough to actually do such a feat (or should that be spelled feet?). I can't think of any unusual 'D' words. I have a hard time as it is just pronouncing the ones you highlighted. I think in a dystopia world everyone is ruled by a demonarchy, don't you? This is not a place I want to be for sure. Dang good job! Please join me for today's iPad Art Sketch 'D' A2Z post. ;)

  2. Demonarchy. That's a good word. Accurate for quite a few governments around the world at the moment too.

    Down Goes Another One by McFly

  3. Hey, I am all over Dontopedalogy – the art of putting one’s foot in one’s mouth--- notorious for it. My favorite D word is Didgeridoo! It sounds fun to say but when you hear it played...well that's a different story!

  4. Demonarchy...the mind boggles as to why that is a word, but Diprotodon is my favourite word from the list. I love the way it rolls off the tongue (besides, it's another Aussie).

  5. Of course the Hunger Games is pretty dystopian. I like dontopedalogy but try not to exhibit it too often. Demonarchy is too close to home.

  6. For my 2016 A-Z I wrote flash fiction dased around unusual and rarely used words. My D's were Desuetude - obsolescence,a state of disuse and Defenestrate - to throw out of a window! By the way, Dontopedalogy is a great word and one for me remember when writing my tales about Rosey!

    My Friend Rosey - D is for Dining Out

  7. Oh my goodness, Morgan, my mind does NOT have the capacity to process those words. Just give me "D is for Duh", that's about the state of my mind right now after a day at work and trying to catch up on my A-Z reading...

  8. I like adding to my vocabulary and you helped me do just that.

  9. Interesting words. Dontopedalogy is my favorite, probably because I am so experienced in it.