Saturday, April 7, 2018

#atozchallenge : G is for Geography

Geography is the reason why I wanted to become a teacher.  I wanted to teach students about all the places and things they could see in the world.  What natural and man-made features that are astounding and well worth the visit; he lessor known places that should also be visited. 
I became fascinated with maps when I was young.  I went to my dad’s every other weekend and we did nothing.  We sat in his house.  There was nothing for us to do there.  He didn’t have cable TV and had the same five movies.  I did have an atlas though.  I studied the maps of each state.  I would find interesting cities in each state.  I would plan trips and knew exactly which highway I would take to get to each destination.  This was before the days of the interwebs and everything being at the tip of our fingers.  I would make up stories of the places on the maps.  I had no idea what these places were like or the people that lived there.  I just thought the names sounded awesome.
Geography was my favorite subject in high school.  I had a bat-sh*t crazy lady as my teacher and I adored her.  She had such passion for geography.  The assignments were lame, but I knew every country on most of the continents by the end of the class.  I could tell you random facts about different countries also.  I still can.
In my undergrad years, I took a lot of geography classes because my major was Social Studies Education.  I took the Fundamentals of Geography class, Human Geography, Physical Geography, Urban Geography and Economics Geography.  I loved Economic Geography.  I had to stop with that amount of geography classes because I had to pack in the history classes also. 
I live in Kansas, but work in Missouri.  I find the Missouri geography much more exciting than Kansas.  Missouri has three distinct geographical regions.  There is an upland prairie region, the Ozark Highlands (Mountain and Plateau) and a lowland alluvial plain.  There are mountains in Missouri.  There are not as high as they once were because they are older than the Rocky and Appalachian Mountain Ranges.

Kansas isn't as exciting.

What was your favorite subject in school?


  1. Geography was not I think because I always had dull teachers. Continue to seek and enjoy.
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  2. Geography was not one of my favourites but I think it also has to do with the teacher. I really liked Maths but I stay as far as possible from numbers now.. :-)

  3. Geography class in school was not the more popular one. But I used to like it, especially on clouds. Even now when I see a peculiar formation of clouds my mind goes back to the geography class.
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  4. I love maps and atlas' and have a fairly large collection of each. Of of the most important things I did whenever I moved to a new state and/or town was to purchase maps! I still don't have a smart phone or GPS, so still rely heavily on maps, but can at least print one off from google instead of trying to find one in the store these days.

    1. PS I did enjoy Geography classes in school, but really only remember one in High School and one in Elementary school.

  5. Geography. I love geography. I grew up overseas and the idea that some people don't know a damn thing about the world they live in irritates me.
    When I got to college, I majored in communications because I had no idea what job went with "geography". Silly girl. I minored in Geography. I now know that I missed my calling. I should have been a geologist. I love rocks and soils and all that stuff.

    YEA FOR YOU! You have warmed my heart.