Sunday, April 1, 2018

#atozchallenge : A is for Alone

Are we ever alone?
With a communication device at our hand at all times, we are never really alone. Alone is defined having no one else present and on one’s own.

It is popular lately to claim you are introverted and hate people.
Those introverts are keyboard confident and post everything about being introverted and disliking people.  I get that it's a personality type, but does it really need to be blasted over social media all the time.  I love you, introverted friends, but sometimes, please stop.
When looking for Pen Pals, everyone wanted to use their personality types to describe themselves and almost everyone was an Introvert.  I am not an Introvert.  I just wanted a Pen Pal.  Introverts want to be alone, so why are they searching for Pen Pals?  Oh, that’s write (yes, totally did that on purpose), they are keyboard confident and it allows them to be alone and not really alone.  Introverts need love too.  Introverts have a lot of love to give also.
A lot of derby people claim to be introverted and dislike people.  But they play a full contact sport where communication is key.  Being alone doesn’t work in derby.
I’m an extrovert, probably the worst kind of extrovert. 
Being an extrovert, I get energy from others.  I don’t feed off their energy.  They don’t affect me in my moods.   I have empathy for others, but I do not let their moods bring me down.  I have my own moods and energy.  I can come across as bossy, but if others aren’t getting things done and need organization, I’m the one that is going to do it.
I, also, spend some time alone.  When I’m alone, I pretty much do nothing.  I watch TV.  I don’t like being alone.  I crave for someone to watch TV with me, to hang out with me, to talk to me.  I probably talk and write a little too much. 
Being alone sucks.  I know a lot of people prefer it, but I rather have someone around, even if we aren’t doing anything.  
There is a painting called “Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper.  I’m not sure why, but this painting always reminds me of being alone.  Nobody can get in and nobody can get out.  Nobody is interacting with one another and I'm sure they don't have cell phones. 
What do you think of when you see this photo?  Can you create a story around it?
Are you a person that likes to be alone? Or do you feed off the energy of others?

Are you ever really alone with the device that connects you to others within a foot of you at all times?

Is alone a state of mind or a state of being?  OR both?  Can you be alone in a room full of others?


  1. I've decided I am an ambivert. I deal fine with people when I'm out, I'm an organizer and I enjoy meeting new folks. But then I get peopled out and need down time to recoup. So when I'm with people, I feed off them. But that's for the short term.

    My late husband and my current husband are much more extroverted than I am but they both understand my needs to have time off from the world.

    Donna B. McNicol|Author and Traveler
    A to Z Flash Fiction Stories|A to Z of Goldendoodles

  2. So many questions!

    ISFJ is my profile: introvert (34%), sensing (44%), feeling (31%), judging (3%)
    I do like people, and the right ones will inspire and encourage me, but I also cherish my alone time to recharge my batteries.

    The picture you posted reminds me of Rick's Café in Casablanca, only that it's not crowded at all. The man who's sitting at the bar alone may be a spy gathering intel for his boss, Inga's husband ;-)

  3. I chanced upon your blog, while going through the list of bloggers in the A2Z Challenge.

    I am not a very social or outgoing guy. I have very few friends. But that doesn't mean that I am alone. If not people, I find company in many things that are around me: like radio, TV, songs, books, movies etc.
    Like you said, modern technology also gives us many opportunities to connect with people.

  4. I am in introvert by nature, could have something to do with being an only child. But having said that I can entertain myself for I think lots of people want to be an introvert now because it sounds cool. It's the whole I hate the world thing they have going on. While I work in an office, and have a great group of dog walking buddies, I need my space. it's not about not liking people it's more about being comfortable in your own skin, Totally my own opinion. I'll eat lunch with just a book for company and I can tell it makes others uncomfortable. It's all good, I like others but I don't need them to make me happy. As for being alone in a crowd, i think it's totally doable but not always a healthy undertaking, it's a bit different than being an introvert, that's more about being withdrawn..
    Great topic! I'll be back for more A to Z

  5. The people in Hoppers painting do look alone. I never thought of them as being locked in though. And the man and woman may be together. Yes, I could write a story about it.

  6. I'm not much of a story writer, and personally, "Nighthawks" tells a story that's beyond words.