Tuesday, April 17, 2018

#atozchallenge : O is for On the TV

What do you like watching on TV?  Have you ever been on TV? 

I was on TV once when I was little.  I was at the library with my grandma and we were playing a  game with dice.  They interviewed my grandma and asked her why we went to the library.

I was on TV recently for Fountain City Roller Derby.  I did an apex jump, fell and was called graceful.  I have it on the blog somewhere. 

Now that we have that over with...what do you like to watch on TV?

I am fairly simple, I like to watch ER (yes, I know, it's been over forever), The Resident, Chicago Med, food shows, The Amazing Race, Big Brother and Survivor.  I like to watch Parks and Rec on Netflix and a few other things.

Since I am stuck on ER, here is a top ten list of ER episodes.  Of course, these are my personal favs.

1 and 2. The first episode (24 Hours) and the last episode (And in the End).  If you haven't seen them, they are similar in structure and plot.  A lot of characters are dead by the last episode, but those that did not meet their demise on the show were in the last episode. Dr. Carter, Dr. Benton and Dr. Lewis are the only main characters to appear in both episodes.  The last episode is the only one that shows the hospital in its entirety. 

3. When Mark Greene passes away.  The episode is called "On the Beach" and it is the saddest of the sad.  I balled my eyes out.  The whole sequence of the Mark Greene episodes are heart breaking.  Dr. Greene's life was hard and he went through a lot, then hey! you get this brain tumor and you die. 

4. "The Letter" is also a good one.  This is when the ER gets a letter from Dr. Greene and at the end of the letter everyone knows he has passed away.  The letter is placed on a bulletin board by Dr. Carter and it shows the progression of time and what happens to items placed on a bulletin board.

5. "All in the Family" is a good one.  This is the one where Dr. Weaver finds Lucy and Dr. Carter stabbed and dying in a patient room while the rest of the ER is partying.  Another episode that made me cry and it showed that Dr. Romano had his moments of sweetness.

6. "Lockdown" is the episode where two children come in with small pox and nobody had ever seen it (obviously).  "Chaos Theory" is the other one that goes along with this.  It's where Dr. Romano's arm is taken off by a helicopter because he was too stubborn to listen to the other doctor and made an unfortunate choice. 

7. "Kisangani" is one of my favorites now.  When I first watched it, I hated the Africa episodes.  As I've become more educated on worldly matters, I see them in a different light and I enjoyed them.

8. "Ambush" was the live episode.  They performed it flawlessly (twice) and it's one of my favorites to watch.

9.  "Freefall"  Dr. Romano fires a lot of doctors than a helicopter lands on him, killing him, before anyone knew about the firings.

10.  I can't decide what to put at the end of my list because there are so many more I want to list.  I haven't even gotten into the Neela and Michael episodes.  I could care less about the Abby episodes.  I was over her from the beginning.

What are your favorite episodes of ER?


  1. I don't really watch tv too much. I find I have far too much to do and the tv is distracting more often than not. It is cool that you've been on tv before, though. And twice at that!

    With Love,

  2. I cried when Dr. Greene passed too. The music (Somewhere Over the Rainbow done by the Hawaiian singer, Izzy), is absolutely beautiful. It makes me think of the show every time I hear it.

    Janet’s Smiles

  3. Now that we're retired, we watch a lot of TV. Thank goodness for DVRs. We love all three of the Chicago shows, Blue Bloods, Survivor, American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon and many more. ;)

    Donna B. McNicol|Author and Traveler
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