Monday, April 16, 2018

#atozchallenge : N is Name

Hi!  My name is Morgan.  I go by other names also; mom, Veruc and Cartwright.  I don't suggest calling me by Cartwright, because I dislike it so very much and will not answer to you.  That is, unless, I am in your school teacher, than it would be Ms. Cartwright. 

My name Morgan means born by the sea or bright sea or dwells near the sea.  It is a Welsh name. 

Morgan can be either a male or females name.  It has a strong female presence in the United States. 

On my coed derby team thought, there is a boy Morgan and girl Morgan. 

I didn't like my name so much growing up.  I wanted to be a Kate or a Sarah.  I wanted a popular name.  Morgan wasn't popular when I was little.  It is way more popular now.  I like my name now.  It's because everyone doesn't have it!

mom  -- my children call me that and it's the best name ever.  Sometimes they call me mother and that makes me feel so old.

Veruc  -- my derby name is Veruc Assault.  It's a powerful name and I will hit you hard on skates while wearing it. 

What names do you go by?  Is there anything you absolutely hate to be called?


  1. As my name can't be shortened, the only other thing I get called is Dad! Except that is for Rosey who calls me Keefie which I hate. I always wanted a Morgan sports car. One can dream!

    My Friend Rosey - N is for Nude!

  2. My family calls me "Johnny." Mary calls me "Buns." Everyone else calls me "hey, you."

  3. I never had a nickname until I was in my 50's, believe it or not! Since Donna can't be nicely shortened, that's all I was called other than Mom, Mommy and Nana. Okay, and Babe or Honey. ;)

    My nickname is Froggi and it's a LONG story as to how I got it, but a lot of my motorcycle friends and RVing friends, still call me that.

    Donna B. McNicol|Author and Traveler
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  4. I have three sisters and all our names start with the letter "J" so a lot of times my mom would call me by one of my sister's names. When I was little and she was calling me to come in from outside, if she called the wrong name, I wouldn't come in!

    Janet’s Smiles

  5. Isn't it funny how that happens. I always wanted to be Lucy or Margaret. Grass is always greener. I love the name Morgan.

  6. Love your Derby name. Love your name too, and your description of it. I favor unique names. In my family, we were all given one name from Greek classical literature, and one from the Bible, so they tend toward the unique. Two of my four siblings gave their kids unique names.