Saturday, April 28, 2018

#atozchallenge : Y is for Your Bed

Y is brought to your by Your Bed! Since I can't see your bed, I'm going to show you mine. My bed is old.  Not antique old, but old as in I've had it for a long time.  I can't seem to part with it or get a new bed.  I love it.  Why fix what's not broken?  I've been tempted a few times, but quickly talked myself out of it.   My bed has a lot of pillows and a lot of blankets.  The soft, warm and fuzzy kind are my favorites and I don't care if they match or not.   I have two comforters and a top sheet (gasp!) on my bed.  I didn't know eliminating the top sheet was a thing.  Do you still use a top sheet?  I recently replaced the lights on my bed because Jager Kibben broke the last set.  He shattered the glass all over my bed.  That was a fun night.  

Tell me about your bed, it is one of the most comfortable places in the world? 


  1. I like the comfy factor of your bed! I bet you have the sweetest dreams!

    When I moved I with my then boyfriend, now husband, he already had his "average" bedroom furniture. If I was to pick something new I'd probably go for dark wood and off-white bedding, very clean and minimalist.

    Enjoy your weekend, only one more post to go!

  2. Love the lights! I still use a top sheet and my side has more blankets than my hubby's since I am always cold.

    Janet’s Smiles

  3. I love it! It's a gorgeous bed-frame.
    I do recommend changing mattresses every so often. My favorite was the memory foam I had before moving out of the US. Chinese mattresses are hard. Outrageously hard. Terrible.

  4. Hey Morgan, I know you're busy exploring Alaska meeting bears and all, but when you get back, I need you to look into the Liebster Award Nomination you just got: