Thursday, April 19, 2018

#atozchallenge : Q is for Quixotic

Quixotic.  Q works are hard.  I think the one I use most often is question.  It’s one of those phrases that I use a million times a day in my job.  People tell long elaborate stories and then I ask them….so what is your question?  They tell me stories but fail to give me their problem I need to help them solve.  I like direct and to the point.  I am not a mind reader, please just ask the question or tell me what you are needing assistance with.  Maybe I should have written the blog post on the word question.  Haha.  Anywho, back to quixotic.  I decided on this work because it’s fun to say.

Quixotic means unpractical and unrealistic and exceedingly idealistic.  This does not describe me at all.  I try to live in the practical and realistic world. 

But let’s take a minute and think of an unpractical and exceedingly idealistic life I could think of. 

This first thing: money!  We either wouldn’t need it in my world or I would have so much of it that I didn’t have to worry about it and I wouldn’t have to work.  I could spend my days vacationing with my family.  My family and I would travel all over the world with my never ending funds of money.  I would own a place for all the abandoned cats in my area.  I would have a staff to provide them exceedingly good care and the cats would live in cat heaven with all the toys and things to jump on at all times. 

I think I would still have my house.  I love my house.  But I would make all the improvements I have been wanting to do on them whenever I want.  I wouldn’t have to budget and plan, because I already have all that money at my finger tips.

So in my quixotic world, I wouldn’t work, I would travel all the time and I would offer a safe haven to all the abandoned cats in the area.

What would you do in your quixotic world?

I am pretty satisfied with my world right now, but it doesn’t hurt to think unpractically at times.