Sunday, September 1, 2019

September Goals

I'm going to write only five goals for the month!  I feel like if I focus on a small amount of things that I want to accomplish, I actually do more. 

Here are my five things:
1.  Put a down payment on the Disneyland Vacation!
2. Work a few hours of overtime weekly! 
3. Order school pictures from last year and this year.
4.  Complete the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Workout video.
5. Get a manicure!

What goals do you have for September?  I would love to hear!

August goals recap

  • Go on a date where the guy doesn't ghost me afterwards.  it's getting real old.  -- I didn't go on any dates
  • get a manicure.  I remember when I was on the cruise and my nails were lovely.  -- moved this to September cause I didn't succeed.
  • clean out one of the bedrooms  -- YES!!!
  • paint my dining room and kitchen...I might have taken three days off work to get this all done. -- YES!!  It looks so good!!
  • read two books from my book shelf.  -- I did 50% of this!


  1. Enjoy Disneyland - you must be so excited!
    When I was in my teens my family and I had a stunning holiday in the States and Disneyland was one of the places we visited. It was awesome - 2 decades have passed and we still talk about it.

    1. It's over a year away, but I am super excited. Disneyland is my favorite. I've been there without kids and I know mine will love it!

  2. Five goals are doable. You got this!

  3. Buster is THE cutest, just saying. :)
    That's really shitty and pretty rude and inconsiderate you've been getting ghosted after dates. I'm going to say that it's the people and not you, love. On to the next....

    Hope you had a great week hun. :)
    - Lindsay

    1. Guys are the worse! I mean, I guess there might be one out there that won't ghost me. I'm even reading Ghosted right now.
      Buster is the cutest little thing! He was actually taken back to the shelter twice before he ended up with us, his furever home. I would say he's pretty happy here.