Friday, October 2, 2020

First Friday in October!

 Happy Friday! 

I was so chilly when I woke up this morning!   My favorite!  I'm glad the heat didn't kick on though!  Still in recovery mode from those crazy high summer utility bills!  

My mornings are pretty routine.  I get up early, take the dogs out, feed and water the cats and dogs, wake the kids up and go pick up their lunches.  I pick up their lunches from the elementary school about two blocks away.  This is a program the school district has until Winter Break.  It is free for everyone.  Not just reduced/free lunch students.  I take advantage of it for a couple of reasons:  it extends our food budget, it keeps people working when there aren't that many students in the buildings, it keeps vendors going and there are a few more, I just can't remember them.  I, usually, have an hour before I start work after doing those things.  Most of the time, I'm cleaning up a few things or getting caught up on reading.  Today, I got all my packages ready to take to the Post Office at lunch.  I have three packages, a birthday card, two penpal letters and seven post cards to send off.  I just need to get postage for the packages though and I have to see someone because I have to do the customs form for one of them. (it's actually already filled out, they just have to enter it in the computer)

Monday was pretty typical.  Work.  I tried to do Instapot Spaghetti again.  Turned out not so awesome again.  I am going back to making plain old spaghetti now.  I completed a one way interview with a company, which was kinda odd, but probably the future.  Peyton changed homerooms.  Because he changed homerooms, he is on a 14 day quarantine from school, since he is moving to a new group of people.  He will be home until 10/14.  He is keeping up on his work though.  He is getting lots of dog loving time in.

Tuesday after the typical work day, I went to the bookstore to hunt down books for an exchange.  This person did not make it easy to shop for her.  She wanted specific things that weren't in the store, some of her wishes hadn't even been released yet.  I looked at her insta profile and figured out what type of books she was in to.  I found one and I ordered one from her wish list on Amazon.  I got some candy and some halloween things to stick in her box.  

I stopped by Target afterwards and shopped for my other Elfster exchange.  I was able to get all her stuff there. Thank goodness, her wish list was easy!  I picked up some grocery items and got Peyton a pair of pajama pants.  

I picked up Chipotle afterwards for the fam.  I did purchase some new postcards, I hadn't sent any for a while and wanted to pop a few in the mail.

Tuesday night ended up with a super amount of anxiety.  I only caught part of the debate and I wanted to cry and shrivel up inside.  

On Wednesday, I decided to participate in two photo prompt challenges on Instagram.  I believe this was the day Gov Parsons proclaimed it was State of Missouri employee appreciation day.  Gah, the comments on Facebook are horrible.  Like why not this, why not that, why don't you appreciate everyone, all the state employees just sit on their ass and do nothing.  Well, I may be sitting on it, but I have definitely worked hard through this entire pandemic, I haven't taken a vacation day, I've worked!  Anyway, people have no clue and everything must be met with negativity for some reason now.

I received my Halloween swap package too!

On Thursday, I did an event for work!  I was so happy to see a coworker and actually speak to people who might need our help!  It was a drive thru, where you went up to the car window and talked to humans.  They treated us to a box lunch from McAlisters.  I got a turkey club and it came with a pickle, chips and a cookie. It was super nice and appreciated!

That evening, I did my grocery shopping.  I start at Aldis and end at Walmart.  I got my pumpkins and gourds for decorating also.  I picked up a few seasonal foods and I can't wait to try them.

I got some cool moon photos when I was waiting to pick up something and when I got out of my car to get the mail.

Today, of course, is work and school work.  I have laundry to do and I want to get the front room sweep and mopped.  I am going to set up the porch with the decorations and make my menu board for the next week or so.
What are you up to this weekend?


  1. That tree is beautiful! Has the MO gov. recovered from his covid? It was cold this morning!

  2. Sounds like a busy week.
    That's really good points about getting the lunches from school.
    Ewww -w hat's wrong with instapot spaghetti? I dont have one but I'm interested.

  3. You know a few words of appreciation go a long way. And so does a raise!!

    Glad you were around real people face to face or mask to mask. And good about what you were doing. I miss those days. Working with kids in the library was so rewarding. Everyday, I felt like there was a small victory or reward.