Thursday, October 22, 2020

It feels like actual Fall this morning!

It feels like actual Fall this morning.  A balmy 57 degrees at 7 am.  
This week has been like every other week.  Work, school, social distancing.

On Tuesday night, I did meet up with someone at Memorial Hall to pick up some merch.  It is being carried in a local skate shop called Legacy Skates.  This will generate a little income while we sit and wait through this pandemic.  It gives a lot of time for contemplation on if I even want roller derby as a big part of my life anymore.  I will finish my leadership role full on, but will not go up for re-election next year.  It's time to move on and the pandemic has taught me that.

This pic is from Wednesday morning.  Notice anything out of place.  It was so foggy all day.  I went to my moms to feed her dog and cats while she is out of town and I almost missed the exit.  Alli spent the night over there and took care of the animals this AM;

Look at the cutest in this pic.  Draco, Kibben and Peyton are so happy.  Kibben in the background rolling around cracks me up!

I learned that a semi was trying to turn around on our private road and crashed into our neighbors mailboxes and the street sign.  The mail boxes are demolished.  It's happened a few times with ours, so I was grateful ours didn't get the impact, but feel back for the neighbors because mailboxes are a pain in the butt to put back up!

Our official official summary!  Woo hoo!
One of my leaguemates has AB neg blood and didn't realize it was the rarest of the rare!
I plan on setting up another drive, probably January.

Officially dropped off my ballot!
I only took a pic of the envelope so it's legal.
Did you know in Kansas, if you take a picture of the actual ballot, they could decide not to count your vote?  Crazy times.  

Peyton and I tried this mug treat after dinner one night!  It was delicious.
I had made shrimp poppers and curly fries for dinner and this was our dessert.  Peyton has declared that shrimp poppers are his new favorite and even tried to learn the air fryer so he can make them on his own.  Haha.  He asked me to pick some up every shopping trip.

I can show off my sticker!  I like the one we got!



  1. Did the semi stop to let anyone know they demolished the mailboxes? Ugh!!!!
    My polling place never has stickers & I always get so mad.

    1. Nope! The neighbor caught it on the ring doorbell. It happened sometime between 715 and 1030. I didn't hear anything and you would think that would cause a ruckus, but then again, they are working on the street over and that could have masked the sound.

  2. I was happy my mail in ballot came with a sticker!

  3. The pandemic has offered some good reflection time, I'll give it that. I think you'll be happy with whatever you decide with your roller derbying.
    We trudged through our snowstorm to drop off our ballots at the dropbox, so it felt like a real adventure. No stickers, though.