Friday, October 16, 2020

Fri-yay is my favorite!

 Peyton asked me this morning why I ask him if he wants breakfast every morning.  I'm your mom, kid, it's my job.  :)  I thought it was funny.  He does decline breakfast every morning though.  He likes his cereal in the closer to lunch or snack times.  The whole day is a snack time for him, it seems. 

Happy Fri-yay!  We have made it.  It was a short work week for me.  Monday was a holiday and I had taken last Friday off.  I enjoyed my four day, much needed, weekend.  

I was woken up by the furnace coming on for a short time this morning.  It only stayed on for a few minutes.  Thank goodness!!   

Draco is doing so much better.  He's back to his normal, energetic self and his leg is fine!  He does have his shots coming up next month, so we will follow up then and see what his Vet says.  He does have a few more days of medicine, but I don't think he knows he is taking the medicine.  

I need to get new collars for both dogs.  Does any know a cute Etsy shop or small business that I can order from online?  They are both large doggos.  Draco broke one of the collars and I don't want him to wear his harness all the time. 

They did get their Barkbox this week and it was Trick or Treat themed.  Super adorable.  And we FINALLY got a rope toy!  Those are their favorite.  Also, the normal treats.  We have so many dog treats now.  I feel like the dogs get quite a few treats, but we have bags and bags of treats from our Barkbox.  I have a few that are unopened, I wonder if I am able to donate those to the shelter?

Enough about those dogs, huh?  I do have one cat thing.  Fred has been running outside when I let the dogs out.  I decided not to chase after him anymore.  The first day, he came back within a few minutes and pawed at the door.  The other days, he comes back within 10 minutes.  On Thursday, I found him and Draco playing in the yard together.  It was the cutest thing.  He also enjoys eating the grass on the side of the house.  Guess it's yummier in that area?

The Blood Drive I coordinated was on Tuesday.  Our goal was 30 pints of blood....we got 33!  We had 35 of our 37 donors show and we had a few walk ins.  It was my first time donating blood and it went fine.  The staff was great.  I did about pass out and had to lay on the recovery table for a while.  She said that is normal with first time donors.  We did have a few people show that couldn't donate because their iron was a little low.  Next time!  It was so nice being in Memorial Hall and seeing some of my friends.  We did give away some KCRW koozies and stuffed our business card in them.  I am going to work on coordinating another one at the end of January.

I only worked in the morning before heading over there for the thing.

I had Wednesday morning off for a follow up Drs appt.  After the Drs appt, I did a quick run to Target to pick up a few things, grabbed lunch and headed home to work for the afternoon.  I had made some chili in the crock pot for dinner and it was delicious.

Peyton went back to in person school on Wednesday.  This change is what he needed.  He loves his new homeroom.  I didn't get a single text saying how horrible it was or that he wanted me to pick him up.  We switched him to his Algebra teacher and she helped him so much on the first day and we are working to get him caught up.  He said that she takes them outside twice a day for PE/recess.  That they are allowed to move around the classroom.  She had downtime for them to watch a movie and she provided them snacks.  He said this is what he needs if he has to stay in the same room all day long.  I think I am going to grab her a gift card somewhere to help with snacks and then one for her to spend on herself.  Alli also had her as an Algebra teacher her freshman year.

During lunch break on Thursday, I had a Virtual Interview for a company I would like to work for.  It seems like a perfect fit for me.  Thirty people applied for it and only six made it through the one way interview to the virtual interview.  I will know by next week.  She said I stood out because of my work with the state government and my project to help homeless persons and the amount of volunteer work I do.  I hope that gives 1me a little leg up. I do have a backup plan if I don't get this job.  

Now, we are to Friday!  Any fun weekend plans?

I am going to end this with my favorite bunch of fall pics.  They are just so fun.  Look how young and little my kids are!


  1. I wish I had a cute collar place to tell you - my dogs hair is so long, you cant even see the collars on them so I just buy whatever :)

  2. Congrats on the blood drive success! I used to donate every year, but they recently began screening for a certain type of antibody that some women get after pregnancy. Apparently, it can kill a few rare people, and there isn't a way for them to know about it ahead of time. Alas, I have the antibody! Maybe I should try to donate again if they've learned more about it.
    Cute throwback pics! Good luck with the job prospect!

  3. Glad to hear Draco is doing better. Praying you get that job. I know how nerve-racking it can be to want a job so bad and have to wait to hear back.