Tuesday, October 27, 2020

When Fortunes Get Told....


I went to a Fortune Teller at the Carved Experience.  Her name is Melissa.  She's a psychic medium and she is deaf and reads lips.

Both Alli and I had our Tarot Cards read.   I had never had them read before and have always wanted to.  

I wanted to know about my career path.  My question was should I stay or should I go?  The answer is both...what?  How does that happen?

Melissa conversed with the other side.  She wrote lots of notes and then did the card spread.  Both sides looked good.

Current employer...I will move up and there is much more stability.  Mainly because I am excellent at my job.  I know what I am doing and I have the passion.  There isn't a big pay increase for a while according to the cards.  She said the cards are telling me to assert myself and brag on my accomplishments.  Sell myself.  Let everyone know that I am powerful and can use my power for good.  She said I need to be a b*tch and not to let people walk over me.  I would see successful if I stayed here and would move up the ladder of power.

If I search for new opportunities, I will also succeed, but it's going to take a lot more work because it's in a field that I don't know.  I will learn quickly and work my butt off up the ladder.  This is where I am going to make a lot more money.  The cards and the spirits both said so. :)

Have you ever had your Tarot Cards read?  Or just visited a psychic medium?

She said the worse part about being a medium was having to give people news they do not want to hear (the lady before us started crying, so I think she was thinking of that), but was happy that she gave Alli and I both hopeful news.  I will share Alli's essay sometime that she wrote about this.


  1. Ooh, cool. Even though you didn't get a definite "answer", and you have to take what Melissa says on faith, it gives interesting insight? I've never consulted a psychic or had tarot cards read, but I'd do it for fun if I had the opportunity

    1. That's exactly what we did. It was $10 and we were already there. I have no idea how much they normally cost, but I'm guessing more than that :)

  2. I've been to a psychic and a palm reader but both were not very illuminating!