Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Weekend Fun

 So, I've figured out Blogger is being difficult and won't let me reply to comments.  Ugh.  I'm not ignoring them, I promise, it literally doesn't give me the option.  Oh, technology, what would we do without you? :)

At the beginning of the warm season, I had planted a bunch of seeds, then Draco, being the kinda dog he is, tore up all the pots and got them all over the yard.  I know a few have survived and I found three bunches of daisies on the side of the house.

TOMS keeps sending me emails about their fuzzy shoes.  I want a pair.  Haha.  I don't want for much, but those look so warm and delightful and as crisper weather heads our way, I want some.  I will probably break down and order them in the next few days.  I like to sit on some purchases because of the want vs need thing and that the holidays are coming up.

Speaking of holidays, our family has officially exchanged names for the season.  I have my BIL.  Hopefully, he gets me a list.  I have already started some of the shopping. Not much.  The kids exchange names also.  I already ordered a book for my niece that will be from Peyton.  Everyone is going to get Tanner something small to mail to him overseas and everyone will get my grandpa a gift.  I already got his.  I found out that his Antique Eagle magnifying glass was broken by those we do not speak of until everything goes through the legal system.  I found an exact one on Ebay!  I make a bid, it was accepted and the Eagle should be here next week for him.  Well, he won't get it until December.  I am just happy I found it.

My official Ballot came in the mail on Friday!  Along with some postcards.  The one in the pic is from Canada.  I got one from Japan and Lithuania also.

I received my COVID antibody test back.  I have none.  

I finished up The Guest List.  It's a quick read, v heavy on the foreshadowing.  Also, I want to know what happened to a few characters after it ended.

We did a family fun day on Saturday.  Peyton did not join us because he said there are too many girls and we are too girly.  Haha.  I actually think he might have enjoyed himself, but what do I know. 
We visited the Mahaffie Farmstead and took a stagecoach ride.  We learned how to make whip cream, visited the blacksmith and the animals and did a scavenger hunt in the house.  

We went to my moms for a quick dinner and then went to an event called Carved.  They had a kids "spooky" trail (definitely more cute than spooky), a Haunted Trail (we did not do this, the line was an hour long), a Fortune Teller (we did do this, more on that later) and side show performers.  I love Carnival performers and seeing the fire performers, hoop dancers, illusionist and the sword swallower was a delight.  The kids each got a little pumpkin.  Oh, and I got everyone light up necklaces so we could find each other in the dark.  I'm such a dork.  My mom took my nieces home after a while and Alli and I stayed to visit the fortune teller.

Did you think I forgot animals pics?  Nah,  here is two of them.  We got a Freddie and a Buster on this post.


  1. Seems like blogger's been giving everyone troubles since the "upgrades". I'm having similar upgrade related problems on my tutoring platform, and I'm over it already.
    Glad you got out for some Halloween fun, minus the boy ;). Sounds like fun, I'm glad Covid hasn't cancelled such things.

  2. I struggle to reply to comments just because...
    Love the pictures of your festivities. Your black kitty is so shiny. Must be healthy with that pretty coat. I think I will suggest drawing names to my brood for Christmas.

  3. So you need to do a post now on how to make whip cream :) Perfect for Thanksgiving ahead & pumpkin pie!

  4. Looks like you had a fun week! Freddie and Buster are so cute!

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