Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Happy Hump Day!  I'm going to do a confessions post.  If you are looking for some really juicy things, this isn't the place to be.  In 2020, my goal is to make my life more exciting!

Confession #1:  My bed room is a mess.  It's just so cluttered and everything is down there.  I want to clean it, but by the time I do everything else, I just want to go down to my room and sleep.  My TV conked out and I don't have a care in the world about that.  Good thing there are TVs on sale for Black Friday. :)

Confession #2:  I was hoping to get my Christmas shopping completed before Thanksgiving.  I did a good job, but there are still some things that I didn't get yet.  Like, my sisters entire list.  I still don't have it.  She doesn't understand my need to get things done.

Confession #3:  I want to be offered this teaching position more than anything.

Confession #4:  Impostor syndrome at an all time high.

Confession #5: I cannot wait for my five day weekend.  I am over my workplace at the moment for so many reasons.  I do not want to come back to the holiday to a new manager, but so is life. 

Confession #6: My Christmas Corner is ready to go.  I want to decorate, but I want to make it through Thanksgiving first.


  1. Happy 5-day weekend! Enjoy!
    Christmas shopping? What's that?
    I'm sending good juju your way for that teaching job. Now, go clean your room, young lady!

  2. Happy five day weekend AND thanksgiving to you. Love confession posts. :)
    Best wishes for the teaching position; crossing my fingers and toes for you!!