Wednesday, November 27, 2019

November - What's up, Wednesday?

What We’re Eating This Week
  • Monday -- Mac and Cheese
  • Tuesday -- Had dinner at the movies with a friend!
  • Wednesday -- Ugly Soup
  • Thursday -- Thanksgiving Goodness!
  • Friday -- Pork Chops and left overs
  • Saturday -- Parm Crusted Chicken

What I’m Reminiscing About
  • Fun holiday times of the past!
What I’m Loving
  • Thanksgiving!
  • All the decorations!  For all the holidays!
  • Book Exchanges!
What We’ve Been Up To
  • Alli started her new job!
  • Peyton is doing better in school.
  • Christmas Shopping
What I’m Dreading
  • Nothing!
What I’m Working On
  • Reading more
  • Walking 10K steps a day!
  • Bout Production things for Roller Derby
What I’m Excited About
  • Thanksgiving
  • Decorating
What I’m Watching/Reading
  • Finishing up the shows going into Winter Break.
  • Just saw "Last Christmas" in the theatres
  • Just finished "Waiting for Tom Hanks"
  • Just started "I owe you one"
  • Getting ready to start "25 Days Til Christmas"
What I’m Listening To
  • A lot of instrumental music
  • Meg Myers
  • Lana Del Rey
What I’m Wearing
  • Leggings and fuzzy boots!
What I’m Doing This Weekend
  • Decorating
  • Cleaning my Room!
What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month
  • All the holidays!
  • 2nd KCRW Bout
  • Setting goals and crushing them!
What Else Is New
  • Not a whole lot!
  • How bout you?

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