Thursday, November 14, 2019

Friday Eve

On Wednesday morning, I didn't want to leave my bed.  Sure, it was warm and snuggly, but all I wanted to do was pet Fred's belly.  He was so cute.  When I had to get up, he was a little perturb that I would no longer be giving the belly rubs.  I gave him plenty when I got home though.
I have been finding lots of good things at Costco lately.  The star shirt I purchased a few months back.  On Tuesday, I found these boots!  I had been looking for black boots with fur for a reasonable price.  Costco is always reasonably priced.  I picked up some soft boot socks that I am sure my feet with be living in this winter.  Have you had any fun Costco purchases lately? 
I don't do bathroom selfies often.  Here I am before scrimmage. 
Here are my legs after scrimmage.  I am watching my friends do the derbies and waiting for All-Star Open practice to begin.  Tryouts are in three weeks!  So excited! 
Peyton and I waiting for Alli to get in the car.
I had made her breakfast (sausage biscuits, muffin and a protein drink) and she ate that in the car on the way to school.  She is donating blood today.  They had a teacher that passed away unexpectedly over the summer.  The school didn't even know she died.  When she didn't show up for teacher work days, the principal started calling her family members.  He found out about her passing.  Her family didn't even know she had passed for a while.  They found her in her home after a few days of people trying to make contact with her.  Such a sad situation.  The blood drive is in honor of her.
Alli got her driving permit last Friday and got hired for her first job on Wednesday!  She will be working on weekends only, so her school and cheer won't be interrupted.   Her first employer was my first employer when I was 16!  How exciting!
And now, it's time to work.  It was so busy yesterday, I hope it is a little slower today.
Thursdays are usually our "slow" day.  I put on makeup also, because I am too pale without it. :) 

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