Wednesday, November 6, 2019


November so far!

Happy November and Happy Wednesday!  I hope everything is going fantastic!
November has started out well around here! 

November 1st, it was a normal work day.  My daughter cheered at an away game and after that we went to Exiled: Trail of Terror.  It was a haunted trail through the woods and it was so much.  It’s a mile hike and takes about 40 minutes.  It had all the elements of a scare.  It was around 34 degrees when we went, but you would never know.  I was sweating in my coat.  It was not busy, so it was a pretty perfect time to go.  We had a group about ten minutes in front of us and we heard screams from behind us, but not really close.  It was nice not bumping into other groups.
I selected all my BOTM books.  I do the regular one and the YA one.   I should be getting six books in the mail soon.  I did my book exchange post.  Here is what I received:
November 2nd was my first big bout production with the derby league.  It went off well!  I am so relieved!  As Operations Officer, I am in charge of all aspect of the public bout.  It’s a lot.  The biggest problem I had was everyone was asking me what to do even when I had everything typed out in a nice table with check marks. J I had to hide to eat.  My team, the Victory Vixens, won by a big amount.  This team is so great.  I coordinated with a food truck for our afterparty, Cheesy Street.  It’s a grilled cheese truck that offers an amazing assortment, plus gluten-free and vegan options.  They were a huge hit and I want to invite them back to every afterparty.  I had the BBQ Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese…it was a dream.

I lazed for most of the day.  I ate snacks and watched a few TV shows.  Peyton hung around the house and Alli was at a friends and went to go see Zombieland 2.  Lucky duck!  In the evening, I went to a meeting for Girl Scout Day Camp.  We were discussing dates.  I am the cook/kitchen person for day camp.  I love it!  I get to feed people and make them happy.  I get to work with the older (High School) Girl Scouts as they are my kitchen crew.  This year, we get the camp with the swimming pool and the HUGE kitchen.

That evening before bed, I started watching Rattlesnake on Netflix before bed.  Has anyone else watched it?  Some of the new movies I have been watching are a tad bit on the weird side.
Oh, back at work.  I was awake early, because of the time change.  I got the kiddos to school and I was off to work.  We get scheduled as “in charge” and this is my week.  It went pretty smoothly.  I didn’t have problems with the clients, I did have some issues with the call center staff. They were not following policy and being overall nasty to the clients and to me.  I ended up staying about 45 minutes late.  I have over a day’s worth of comp time from the last week. 
When I finally got off work, I picked up the groceries I had ordered.  BEST. THING. EVER.  I go down my list and order my groceries and it takes so little time.  They are always polite and load my groceries in my car for me.
I went home and started dinner.  I made chicken tikka masala with jasmine rice and naan bread.  Seriously, the easiest dinner.  Everyone in the house loves it.  Peyton requested Naan bread the next time I make ugly soup instead of tortilla chips. 
I watched an episode of Chicago Med and finished up last week’s New Amsterdam.  I am so far behind with TV watching.
The only thing I have scheduled for the rest of the week is a meeting tonight.  Otherwise, I am free until Sunday! It’s so weird.