Wednesday, November 13, 2019


It's been so long since a blog!  I don't like it.  I need to be better.  Work has been kicking my butt.  That a whole other story to tell though and I will in another blog.  
Speaking of work, on Friday, I did an event at Memorial Hall.  My home away from home.  It was busy and we saw around 60 vets and gave them resources.  It was an all day event and it started earlier than normal work time.  We were out of there by 2 pm and free to start our weekend! 
On Saturday, I joined my friends, Annie Maul and Black Mamba, and participated in Chalk Up for Burpees.  We did seven minutes of burpees.  It was hard, so hard, but not as hard as it is for our military in their daily lives.   

Saturday night was our awards banquet for Fountain City Roller Derby.  
My women's team won first place again.  The first back to back champions in the leagues history.
I coached a couple of games for a coed team and coached practices.  I got a medal for that.  I don't feel like I deserved it though.  One of the skaters I coached though said I did though, that made me feel a little better.
I did "retire" from the league this year.
At the end of the awards, they called four of us up.  The four of us had been in the league over five years (my count was seven).  They retired all of our derby names.  That way no skaters coming into the league can use our names as their skater names. 
Best M.A.D.E. team ever!  Shotgun Sheilas! 
Guess who had a two year adoptaversy!  Little Kibben here!
Love his face so much! 
Freddie and I played around with portrait mode on Sunday morning. 
I went to the mall the other day.  Mainly to get some Bath and Body Works items, but stopped by Sephora and a few other places.
This was my Sephora pick up.  They had lipsticks in a bundle.  They renamed the colors with winter themed names and changed the labels.  I had been spying quite a few of these colors and the salesperson showed me this and I was in love!
I found the cooling eye masks and can't wait to try them out.
I was looking around for my daughter for some Christmas gifts, but couldn't remember which brands she loved.  I wrote down a few and asked her.  There is a cute gift set that I am going to go back and get her. 
This is Busters guilty face!  He just yelled at one of the cats, then felt bad about it. 
Sunday practice!  I love my Vixens! 
KCRW is working on a relationship with a growing men's team/league.  We are allowing them to rent our practice space for two hours on specific Sundays.  This was their first practice!  So many showed up!  I am hoping this takes off! 
When I locked up for practice, this was on one side of Memorial. 
And this was on the other side. 
Buster looking cute! 
The kitty cuddle puddle! 
I did another event on Tuesday morning.
This one was slow for the first hour, the last hour, I did end up seeing around 15 people. 
I was prepared for the slowness, I brought a book!
It was 14 degrees when I got there and didn't expect much traffic. 
Tuesday night was league practice and open All-Star practice!
It was a good night.
My friend, Shush and I, are tag teaming the locking up of Memorial.  Safer for us and we hold each other accountable. (When we were locking up by ourselves, people kept leaving us in the building alone!  It's a big, old building with lots of sounds!) 
How's your week going so far?!?


  1. Oh congrats on the first place win for your team. And all those burpees! Since you retired playing, is this your last year?!

    1. I was playing for two leagues. It became v overwhelming. I love both of the leagues but needed to make the choice that was better for my family (and myself). I have a leadership role with one of them and that one is closer to my house and does not have regular games during the summer. I am only playing for the one league now, but will continue to support and cheer for my friends in the other league.
      Still more roller derby, just a different path.