Friday, November 22, 2019


Weekly Review:  It was a decent one.  :)
I let Alli drive my car one evening.  It was terrifying.  Look at her smile though!
Two derby practices!  We only have one more coming up before we are off for a week. :( 
I went a purchased new wheels and bearings from Legacy Skates KC.  A new skate shop and my friend, Dizzy Aster, works there!  I plan on getting a new helmet, mouth guard and knee pads within a few months. 
I actually went out one night after practice!  It was so nice chatting and hanging with friends!
I accidentally ordered a Hello Fresh box (I forgot to cancel it) and I received those on Tuesday.  We will eat them over the weekend.
Alli started her new job and work 2.5 hours, she goes in again on Sunday.
I've gotten a lot of Christmas shopping done.  Both nieces, most of Peyton's presents and a few of Alli's.  I still have to do my sister and my moms and Tanners.  Not too bad.  My sister is the only one I'm not sure of what I'm getting her.  My children asked me if I bought Amazon.  I let them know that there is also two Target boxes in there. :)
How was your week?


  1. I bought two things for Gabbie for Hanukkah! I have so much more to do.

  2. Good on you for the shopping. I need to get on that so I’m not one of the disgruntled people battling crowds. :)
    The look on Ali’s face driving is priceless. She looks happier than a pig in shit, pardon my language. LOL :)

    Hope you’re having a fab week and happy thanksgiving to you my friend!