Friday, September 22, 2017

Alli's Birthday!

Alli turned 14 last Friday!  She requested pizza and cookie cake.  Parties are easy when they get older.  Buy them pizza, soda and cake and not see them for the rest of the night.  Her friends did sing happy birthday to her, which was adorable.
The brother re-doing some school work. 
The Party!  (You know, like the early 90s band)  Her friends in her new larger room.  Don't worry, the boy left before the sleepover.
Cake distribution. 
Snake finding in the front yard.
Turning the teenage girls basic, one pumpkin spice item at a time.
Volleyball Tournament
I didn't get a lot of pictures, but they placed fourth out of nine.
Family Birthday Dinner
Discussions with the Great Grandpa.
The FAM.
Opening Presents.

I think her Birthday weekend was a success!  She went to the Haunted Houses at World of Fun with her friend. 

Happy Birthday, Mike.

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