Sunday, September 24, 2017

devils tower

I've had this sitting in my drafts folder since June!  What is wrong with me?! 
Devils Tower National Monument is captivating. 
You can see it from quite a distance.  It makes it look like you are almost there.
Photo taken while driving to the monument.

There is still debate on how exactly Devils Tower was formed.
What they do agree on is that it was exposed by erosion from rain and snow and the sediments being carried away by the Belle Fourche River.

We walked along the Tower Trail.  The Tower Trail is a little over a mile long.  It takes you all the way around the tower.
We walked a long part of the boulder field.  You can only go so high on it without a permit.

Can you spy the climbers? 
There were a ton of climbers on the tower when we were there.
It was incredible to see them summit the tower. 
The boys have plans to climb it one day.
I want to know what's at the top.
Until recently, I didn't know.
On Instagram, a picture was posted of the oldest man to summit the tower and had a picture of him at the top!  I'm sure I could have googled it a long time before that, but I enjoyed the mystery.

Serious faces.

Silliness trying to happen.

He was up at high as he could go on the boulder field.

Oh, the sun, shining so bright.

Alli by one of the fallen columns.

We do plan on going back and staying longer.  We were only there for around three hours.
There is a lot more hiking and exploring we could do there.
I love this place.

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