Thursday, September 28, 2017

writers workshop: late

My friend had a birthday party.  This birthday party consisted of a derby scrimmage than excessive amounts of food at their house afterwards.
That day was already jammed packed in the morning.  Alli's birthday party was the night before, so it was an early morning with getting girls ready and making breakfast.  Alli had a volleyball tournament that started at 8 am and last into the afternoon.
I told them that I would be late.
I was not late to the party.  Alli's team lost in the first round of a single elimination tournament. (But ended up 4th place somehow)
When I got there "I thought you were going to be super late?"
I wasn't and I got to enjoy the party with my friends.
I think I hit Mamba because the next picture was of Katie flying down the track.

Morgan squared.  His name is Morgan, my name is Morgan.  We play on the same coed team for Fountain City Roller Derby.
The one in the teal helmet is the birthday guy.
Dixie dressed up for the prom.  I'm not giggling.
Killshot and I made faces.


  1. No pictures of the excessive amounts of food? 😆

    1. I failed to bring my phone into their house. :) But, I'm sure I could dig up some photos on Facebook of the shindig. I know there were some people taking some pics.

  2. Now THAT is a party! And Dixie was dressed for a party, as any Southern girl would be!!

  3. Oh my gosh, so fun. And that prom dress is on. point.