Thursday, September 28, 2017

Top Ten Thursday: Life Swap Advice

Over at Part-time Working Hockey Mom’s blog there is a weekly blog link up called Top Ten Thursdays!  I love lists so it is perfect for me!

This week we are listing what advice or instructions we need to give someone who has swapped lives with us.  Of course, this wouldn’t be a permanent thing.  Just temporary swapping.  Kinda like Wife Swap, except I’m not anyone’s wife.  So here is my advice for anyone who is swapping lives with me for a short time.

  1.  Make sure to check your calendars.  There is the work calendar that I keep and try to put everything on, but it’s pretty much a #fail as I always miss something.  The google calendar helps with roller derby league stuff.  Check Facebook events to make sure you didn’t say you would go to something for someone and then forget. 
  2. It’s recruitment and training season for Fountain City Roller Derby.  I am the Head of Recruitment so newbies are my business.  I keep a blog going with all the newbie advice.  There are 4-5 posts per week.  I base some of them off of a previously established timeline and others are things that are brought up at practice or things that need extra attention.  I keep attendance for the newbies.  I watch out for them and identify those who might need some extra help with skills.  Also, you need to learn the names of the 36 newbs. 
  3. Make sure you are a few minutes early to work.  You are usually the first one there, so you have to unlock the door and turn the lights on and get things set up.  Also, the parking lot gets cray right at 8 am.  I am going to start a series of pictures called “Not a Parking Space” The parking lot at work is a prime space for it.
  4. At work, we see a lot of non-English speaking persons.  You will have to be patient with them and some days you spend half of your day on the phone with various interpreters.  Swahili, Somali and Kinyarwanda are three of our most popular.
  5. When you get home, expect to drive around a lot.  Picking children up from various places, running errands, going to practice, going to meetings, etc…
  6. When it’s time to relax, run a bubble bath and read a book.  Current read “The People of Broken Wheel Recommend”
  7. Run a load of laundry each night.  Peyton actually tells me I wash his clothing before he even knows I take it.  Nobody lacks of clean laundry in my home.
  8. Dinners: keep it simple.  I write out a tentative menu plan on Monday and attempt to stick with it.  Sometimes things go well, sometimes they don’t.
  9. Study, study, study!  Being almost done with school requires a bit of studying to be done.  Chemistry and Biology will be your frenemies while you swap lives with me.
  10. I like to watch TV, watch Roller Derby on youtube and play on Pinterest when I have a few minutes.  I love reality TV, so plan on watching Survivor and the Amazing Race.


  1. I don't think I want to be in your shoes, so much work and school too! I don't know how you have time to do it all and have time to watch tv and take bubble bath and read books, well, I guess you're pretty good at scheduling.

    have a lovely day.

  2. So busy but extremely organised which would count me out as I'm not very good at keeping so many things straight. I'm always impressed by people that manage to stick to a weekly meal plan as it's something I often think of but by the second day it's gone by the wayside.
    Have a good week and hope you find time for everything you need to do.

  3. I think you and I might be able to swap easily. We're both jugglers who like to be on top of things and laundry baskets.
    One downside, though, I suck at chemistry as well:
    This should be interesting.
    What is it again you do for a job? Something with the government, do you take care of immigrants?

    1. I work for the Department of Social Services -- Family Support in the state of Missouri (even though I live in Kansas). We handle the Food Stamps, Cash Assistance, Daycare Assistance and Medicaid. My job is the only in person interaction they will receive from our department. We are trying to move towards all online or over the phone but people are very resistant. Per Federal guidelines, we have to maintain presence in every county in the state. The county I work in has five resource centers and we are one of the busiest and have the highest number of non-English Speakers (22% of people we see) and there are only three of us at the moment.

  4. I'm sure you're gettin' it done! Don't know if I'd want to swap as I do enjoy sleeping :)

    1. I think once I finish school, I'll be able to sleep a little more.