Saturday, September 2, 2017

August Photo Round Up

Voting happened.  It was just the primaries and only 17% of registered voters voted in it.  I know it's the primaries, but now we are stuck with the same two people that are always going for Mayor/CEO.
Fountain City Roller Derby had a street team event at Up-Down, which is pretty much the coolest bar ever.  They have pineapple beer and I collected lots of names for recruitment/training this year.
Later on that same night, I ended up in Westport.
That girl is my twin.  Not for real, but people frequently mix us up.  Her own
husband even took pictures of me one game, thinking it was her.
Maggie meows and keeps me company on rainy days.
The Walking Stick greeted me one day when I got home from work.
I won a cup.  Full of junk. :)
Royals game with Mimi and Rogue.
It was the first I-70 showdown that I had been to.
Sometimes, I am matchy.
Back to School Night.
Since Peyton wouldn't let me get a picture at his school, Alli found her face in the
picture they took when she was at the school.
Alli's Back to School night.  Same night as Peyton's.
We had to rush from one school to the other.
Green Day concert.  We originally were in the upper section.
The nice usher gave us floor passes.
It made the concert experience amazing.
I found my friend Kate!
Up in the front!  Alli made it all the way up there.
Tanner practicing his photography skills on my phone.
He didn't do too bad.
Alli obtained a drumstick.
Wine Tasting at Belvoir Winery.
First day of school  He didn't want a picture.
She didn't complain
He was making a fish trap for the creek.
Alli made the A team in Volleyball.
This is how far the delivery truck could get to my house to deliver my new washer.
Make Up for Pictures.
Lukey and Jukey
We went through a lot of wine bottles and glasses.
We all look pretty in black and white.
And our office was ransacked and broken into.
But the eclipse made it better.
Peyton naps a lot.
After the zombie game.
Recruitment Night for Fountain City
Another Royals game.  This time they won. 
The older girls helping out with a Daisy Troop.
The little ones loved my daughter a whole lot.
I have to end with this one.  The lady at Little Caesars kept telling me
I could upgrade for a penny.  She didn't make the mistake once, but
about five times.  I didn't upgrade and I also didn't tell it was a dollar, not a penny.
I was tempted though.

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