Monday, September 25, 2017


Happy Monday everyone!
My two youngest are out of school today so you know it's definitely a Happy Monday for them.
Alli does have a volleyball game in Lawrence this afternoon though.  The sports must go on!
This is her last full week of volleyball.  Next Monday is her last game and it's only their second home game.  I took off work early to attend.  I am so excited!!
On Friday when I got to work, someone left their kitten in the car.  It was meowing up a storm!  Who leaves a kitten in the car.  It was almost 90 degrees at that point and I know a lot hotter in that car.
I did keep an eye on it and the person who owned the vehicle did come back in about five minutes.  These parents are notorious for leaving kids in their cars, so it didn't shock me to see a kitten in a car.  It made me sad.  Both make me sad.  We have hot and cold and kids are in the car all the time.
I got this from my daughters homeroom teacher on Friday.  It was after the homerooms kickball game.  My daughter is the far left with the volleyball sweatshirt. 
On Friday, I played in a scrimmage for KCRW.
It was a Game of Thrones themed game.
I've mentioned before that I've never read the books nor watched the show, but I really need to.
I played women's only.  I was a Lannister.  Apparently, they are bad?
It was a crowd manipulation bout, so spectators were able to pay money to see things done a certain way on the track.  I didn't like that part as much and was glad when people started running out of ideas and money!
Our team lost by a little, but it was fun and I enjoy hitting people.
See, smiles!  I had such a great team.
I lost the little ball of my earring.  I need to go and get new jewelry and have someone change it for me.  I've had this for around five year...way before the migraine trend thing.  It's been in there for five years without anything happening. 
P went fishing with his dad on Friday night.  The only fish he caught was with a stick and fishing line and a cricket he captured on the ground.  He has learned that fisherman tell tales.  He told me some good ones when he got home.
Alli went to the Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun.  She said it wasn't crowded like opening weekend was.  They went through move of the haunts and the walkthroughs.  They upgraded the clown one this year.
On Saturday, we all saw "IT".  Peyton had been begging to see it, Alli loves scary movies  and I invited my mom to go with us.  Tanner had to work.  Shocker, he is always working!  The Cinemark by my house is cheap for Matinees.  It was only $17 for all four of us and I spent $11 on a large popcorn and large drink.  They send the best coupons each week.  They had a preview for "Ready Player One"  I hope they turn it into an awesome movie.  So many Easter Eggs just in the trailer!

The final WFTDA playoffs were this weekend and seeding has been set for Champs in November.  This is the first year it will not be a Gotham vs. Rose championship game.  Gotham and Rose (if they win all their games) will meet in the Semi Finals!  I don't even know how to predict a winner.  I am going for Victorian Roller Derby to win it all.  Also, the Championship game will be on ESPN2.  Previously, it had been on ESPN3. 

Training for the newbies for Fountain City is going well.  I have a total of 39 new people.  Check out what's happening here.  It has a lot of things for starting out in roller derby in general.

Tanner has been wanting a cat.  We've made a few trips up to the Great Plains SPCA and have narrowed it down to two kittehs.  No kittehs exactly as they are already over sixth months old.  We have it narrowed down to Zsa Zsa and Beauty.   Zsa Zsa came from a hoarding situation.  Beauty was from an unwanted litter.  I would adopt both of them if I could.  I guess I can, I don't have anyone telling me differently.  Plus, Tanner's cat would go with Tanner when/if he moves out.

How was your weekend?  


  1. Sounds like a good week - except for that poor kitten! And... what is the "migraine trend thing?" I don't suffer migraines, but know some people who do.

    "...but it was fun and I enjoy hitting people" - HA!

    1. People were saying if you got that part of your ear pierced it was relieve your migraines. I don't get them either but I am constantly being asked if that is why I pierced that part of my ear.