Friday, September 29, 2017

Peyton's 12th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Peyton!
On the 27th, Peyton turned 12!
He requested chicken nuggets, French fries and a cookie/brownie cake.  That's what he got.
He invited his two friends over.
Their mother was driving me up wall.
She called seven times while I was getting dinner and cake ready.
Then when she drops them off she asks to see me.
Peyton was like "Their mom needs to talk to you" and
I responded "I am trying to finish dinner!"
She was standing in my living room....
Mimi, Alli and the Birthday Boy
His cake!
Maggie joined in on the festivities.
The aftermath and yes, I did give my cat a chicken nugget.
She happily ate it.


  1. This is amazing! I love LOVE that he picked chicken nuggets! Peyton, you're my jam man!
    Happy birthday!!!
    PS. CAts eating chicken nuggets is just hilarious to me!

  2. Chicken nuggets, fries, and a cookie/brownie cake... now I know how I'm celebrating my next birthday.

    Sounds like your neighbor hovers over her kids more than a traffic reporter over an accident. What did she want to know? Just curious...

    1. She called me twice while I was trying to pick up drinks and ice cream at the store to confirm that her boys were allowed to come over. She called me on my way home from the store to see if I could take her boys to church that night since her and her husband had dinner plans. She called me one more time to confirm the time. There were a couple of missed calls since I was trying to make dinner and all. After she dropped the boys off, she called again (I had my daughter answer the phone) to say that church was canceled and what time did I want her to pick up the boys. She called again to say that her and her husband decided to stay home and not go out to dinner. Then again to ask what time I wanted her to pick up the boys. I told her I would text her when they were done.

  3. Oh yum! Cookie cake is the best!

    What happened with the mom?