Thursday, September 7, 2017

writer's workshop: book reviews

This summer, I have come to enjoy books by Mary Kay Andrews.  They are easy reads and always have a happy ending.  Thank goodness.  With so much doom and gloom, it's nice to have a little nice.

The first book I picked up by Mary Kay Andrews was Ladies' Night. 
I randomly found this book at Half-Priced Books.  (That place is awesome, I buy books, I read them and then sell them back)
Ladies' Night is about a lifestyle blogger, a popular lifestyle blogger, that loses that glamorous lifestyle because her husband was screwing her assistant.  Somehow things got flipped, turned upside down, looking like everything was her fault due to the judges dislike of women.
Her liked women to go to a counseling sessions to complete and receive an anger management certificate.  With our blogger, her sessions have four women and one man.  It's unusual for a man to be assigned to this.  The sessions are a little cray and sometimes end early due to the therapist and her own probs.  When they end early, the blogger invites others to her moms dive bar for food and drinks thus creating Ladies' Night.
The blogger learns to create lemonade out of her lemon of a situation and comes out on top.
Of course, there is a little romance and helpfulness of others a long the way.
If you want a quick, cute read pick up this book!

Since I enjoyed that book so much, I found another book of hers.   Summer Rental.

Banker lady loses her job of oh so many years.  That's all she had and did.  Work.  She received a nice compensation plan and already had the summer rental planned and paid for.
She and her two other girlfriends go to the Outer Banks and have a summer full of fun and mystery.
One of them meets a lady at a dinner looking for a room, they had an extra, what a coincidence, and invite her to stay.  This lady is mysterious and suspicious.
Banker lady is particular about her things and how things should be.
Rental house is not up to her expectations and she is constantly bothering the owner via email.
The readers of the book know who the owner is, but she doesn't find out until later in the book.
Anyway, fun, sun, romance and happy ending.

The last one I've read of hers is Itty Bitty Lies

Perfect wife, mother and friends perfect husband left her.
He just upped and disappeared and took all the money.
She's a school teacher, she doesn't make much money.
Perfect husband did dirty things to get a lot of money.
She fakes his death.
It catches up with her.
But don't worry, she ends up on her feet in the end, with lots of money and
man falling for her left and right.
If only, that was the real world.


  1. She's based in Atlanta, and I'm pretty sure she lives in my area. Haven't read any of her stuff, but knowing Mary, she has.

  2. I've never heard of Mary Kay Andrews, but these sound like enjoyable books!

  3. I've listened to Beach Town and the Weekenders. Both are great books.

    Last year, I had the opportunity to hear speak at a local bookstore. She's a very nice lady.

  4. I love it when I find a "new to me" author that I can stalk and devour their books!

  5. I googled Mary Kay Andrews because I wanted to know if she was the same lady that does the make-up. Turns out she is from Atlanta, where I live, and went to UGA, which I did too. How cool! Maybe I should pick up one of her books and give it a read! :)