Friday, September 1, 2017

writer's workshop: last

I woke up Sunday, it was bright and shiny out (well, not the first time I woke up, but when I actually got out of bed)
Not long though until we were enveloped in a torrential downpour.
I had a pond in my front yard.
And my backyard.

The waterfall was created by the church parking lot west of my house.  Thankfully, everything ran down into the creek and not into my house.  It was almost high enough to come through my backdoor. (five inches)
But, about that creek...

This creek is normally around 2 inches deep.  And that mini pond over on the other side.  It's not a pond in real life.  It's the other half of my property.  It is normally dry.

The creek did recede to it's normal depth about two hours later.

In the end, I am glad it stopped raining.  I'm sure it won't last.


  1. It's intimidating to realize how powerless we are in controlling the weather. Your backyard was a decent stream!

    1. I, honestly, didn't expect that when I opened the back door. I'm glad it all goes into the creek.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh! Morgan, Abby is right. The power of water and weather are definitely intimidating. I'm so glad the water washed away from your home--instead of inside your home. My prayers are with all those who are battling rain and bad weather.

    1. Thank goodness the creek is there. It all runs into that and down to the pond about two property lines away.

  3. Yikes!! Very happy to hear your property, home and you are okay.